• Getting Inexpensive Data while visiting Canada
    Hi Jack. We venture up to the great wilderness playground often and have had the same concerns you currently have. Ray suggested some solutions with connectivity, but with adding so many other cellular carriers (Rogers and others), it was getting expensive. So, as a solution we only have one US carrier now, Verizon. Tablets and other devices work via the smartphone mobile hotspot setting. To remain connected while out in natures playground with cellular service being quite limited or not at all, we have been utilizing a device called "Iridium Go!" satellite hotspot which gives us global connectivity for both voice and data communications via the smartphone. It turns the smartphone into a sat phone. It is actually less cost for this one device than having many other cellular carriers for connectivity. You don't need cell towers for a satellite device, so you can now go where the bears roam and enjoy the views. Our next venture will be to Tuktoyaktuk, NWT and Prudhoe Bay, Alaska (making a big loop), so the Iridium Go! will come in handy. We also use the SPOT Gen 3 Satellite Messenger for family and friends to "keep track" and for an emergency (just in case). Safe Travels and Happy Trails.