• Getting Inexpensive Data while visiting Canada
    Canada is a rip off when it comes to data plans - you will not have any luck finding an inexpensive plan up here. We have one of the highest Internet rates in the world.

    But … right now … the exchange rate should help you out quite a bit.
  • Folding electric bike
    Another ebike for consideration.

    Note that this one isnot available in Canada. Technically, neither is the XP, until they get approval to export it to Canada (as I'm having to wait, and wait, and wait, and …). Yes, I could have it delivered to a town near the border but I would lose a full month, of my 6 month allotment to be in the U.S. this year - something I am not willing to give up for the sake of 1 day.

    Omway Folding Fat Tire Ebike w Front Suspension
  • Lion Energy Safari UT Lithium Battery Review
    Thanks Ray … that's not a big deal even if boondocking. Solar, generator or going to an RV park would all get them going again.
  • Lion Energy Safari UT Lithium Battery Review
    Hi Ray, I watched the series and really liked thevideos … especially when you opened it up to take a look inside.

    Question for you; did you ever try running the batteries right down to see if the BMS would restart the batteries?

    I've read that some BMS' need a special procedure to get the batteries activated. The brand I use don't need any User intervention should they drop down to 0.
  • Lion Energy Safari UT Lithium Battery Review
    Even at Saddle Mountain, a crop duster flew right over my RV … on the way back, I could actually see the pilot and waved … he dipped the wings in response.
  • Folding electric bike
    Hi, I've never relied on only one bike lock - minimum two since I own far more expensive bikes than the XP. Also, since the seat post has a quick release, I also remove, not only the seat, but the quick release itself (if you lose that by accident, your seat now has one position).

    For my rather expensive X-country and downhill bikes I do this … U-lock through the frame & rear wheel, cable lock through the frame and front wheel, bike locked to bike rack, bike rack has it's own locks, bike rack locked to hitch.

    For the XP … inside my RV :-)

    I'll carry one or two locks for the XP too for shopping or need to leave at a trail head.

    Definitely choose a lock that is difficult to use bolt cutters on i.e. hardened steel - the longer a thief has to work on breaking a chain, the odds increase of being caught. All locking mechanisms can be picked by professionals but it's the casual thief we all need to be defending our bikes against. Watch some YouTube videos and you'll be amazed at how easy it actually is … if you know how.

    Now, you might think carrying bolt cutters is way too obvious; it is if they are out in the open, but not if carried inside a gym bag or similar. A hole is made in the side of the bag so, if observed, it appears that someone is simply looking for something in their gym bag. A friend (bike store owner) told me of some of the devious ways thieves steal bikes - this is just one of them.

    Cheers, Steve
  • Folding electric bike
    Thanks Lisa, that sure is good news that you'll be receiving your XP shortly. Considering I ordered my XP a full week earlier, I have contacted Lectric to find out what's going on. I should've received my tracking info this week too since it only takes them a week to arrange to ship out of country.

    I got a quick response from Lectric … they are dealing with some red tape and sent all the appropriate documentation and are waiting for approval. The XP itself is ready to be shipped. I reviewed the Canadian/Provincial requirements before ordering and the specs on the ebike appear compliant. Worst case … I'll just pick it up when I'm back in Arizona later this fall.
  • Folding electric bike
    Hi Lisa … any luck in receiving your ebike yet?? For me, it's still a waiting game and am probably looking at a September delivery. The slow boat from China sure is slow.
  • Nature Sounds - Just Add Water
    Loons can have a haunting sound that is just fantastic. Guess that's why they are the cliché sound for horror movies.
  • Nature Sounds - Just Add Water
    That beautiful sand beach is at one of my favourite provincial parks on Lake Superior … it may look like Florida but that water is very cold. Usually, only 1 - 2 feet below the surface, the water temperature drops noticeably (called a thermocline). I used to work in the Caribbean so know all about warm water and sandy beaches - this isn't one of them!:gasp:

    Only recently have I started going to parts of the United States and am totally impressed with the beauty there. Both countries offer something different in terms of natural landscapes.
  • Nice Surprise
    I had a very good response from Progressive Industries. I had picked up an ex-rental RV (still under warranty) and found my batteries would not charge via the converter. The RV dealer was a 3 hour drive away, so not convenient to drop it off with them.

    An e-mail to Progressive Industries and they quickly responded and sent me a new unit direct to me. Not an issue for me to replace the unit, and saved me time and gas if I had to return to the dealer. All covered under the warranty, so no costs at all to me.
  • Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
    Hi Willie, I was at Owl Canyon BLM (payment box blocked off) and two of the LTVAs during the shutdown (pre-paid before the shutdown). All of them had kept the facilities going and clean.

    I was also at the south end of Joshua Tree NP, staying on BLM land, and went in for the day … no issues there other than the Visitor station was closed. Dump station was open, but Rangers had blocked off the payment box ($5.00 fee normally). Fortunately, this area did not experience the problems that the opposite side of the park did (vandalism, cutting down Joshua Trees and people going into prohibited areas on ATVs). I did see two Rangers out on patrol too (wasn't expecting that during the shutdown).

    Those warning signs are all over the region (not just the National Monument). The Border Patrol presence was very noticeable. When boondocking at Gunsight Wash (near Why), quite a few helicopters were checking the area at 10:00 PM. The smugglers and illegal immigrants don't want to be anywhere near the campgrounds. The back country is very inhospitable and anyone trying to walk it is going to have a tough time (particularly as the temps rise).
  • Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
    Thanks RVsolar and Ray.

    I did a fantastic timelapse of the storm … looked great in the viewfinder … but the exposure was way off and couldn't be corrected, in the post editing. Totally disappointed b/c that would've been awesome to include in the video.
  • Folding electric bike
    Hi Lisa, I'm in the same boat, but my order was placed on June 16 … disappointed I'm not getting it in early August but, in actuality, mid-to-end of August.

    Remember, all those YouTube videos reviewing the XP had "demo" models, not production. The pricing is based on a "pre-order" which means they didn't have the stock. They're probably on a slow ship from China.
  • Adventure Photos From The Road.
    Wow … can't be afraid of heights to have lived there.

    Staying on this theme, you know things are going well when there's time to create. Photos taken at Saddle Mountain BLM in Arizona in March 2019.
  • New Boondocking App - FreeRoam
    Thanks Ray … wasn't aware of this app and added it to my boondocking app collection. Showing the BLM land is a benefit.
  • Jasper Alberta
    Hi … my video was taken almost 10 years ago! The fire was 200 km away but affected the whole region.
  • Jasper Alberta
    Hi RVSolar, if you are still there, don't hesitate to take the boat tour out to Spirit Island … not only is it scenic, the staff are very entertaining!! I'd also suggest heading over to Pyramid Lake too. Jasper

    The haze is smoke from a forest fire.
  • Folding electric bike
    Hi Lisa … yes, I had questions about, not only shipping, but use of an inverter in my RV to charge the bike. Very responsive and answered my questions as soon as they confirmed the information. Very good dealing with them!
  • Folding electric bike
    Congrats Lisa! I take it you are down in the States?? If so, you get the best deal since there's no exchange rate, shipping or duty fees … lucky you! Mine should arrive in August, as well. Don't forget to get a helmet. Cheers, Steve