• Goodyear Endurance Tire Rated up to 80 PSI
    225/75/15 tire, I have them pumped up to 70 PSI and will monitor. Thanks Ray .
  • A little about us and our rig
    Hello All . We are Laurence and Betty, with our traveling puppy 15 1/2 year old Libby. We have been retired for 4 years now and haven't been able to do our bucket list because life happens. We enjoy Southern Gospel Music. bjgam0fmf50pfbla.jpg

    Our rig is a 2013 27FB International Airstream trailer and our tow vehicle is a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 ,5.7L gaser. We have been part time travelers for 6 years and plan in the near future to do some of that southern camping in the winter . Our home base is Victoria BC.
  • New Group 24 batteries
    Thanks for the input . I do have a Go Power GP-PWM-25 25 Amp Pulse with Modulated Digital Solar Regulator and a 160watt Panel .This charger is suppose to handle AGM batts. I have never liked my OEM converter as it is a two stage . The system was installed for me by using this method as seen in this video ;
    It passes through the converter to the batteries and the batteries are external, so no worries of any off gas.