• Hiding Various Dash Accessory 12V Power Wires
    Oh OK I didn't realize you had done all that. carry on and I will keep quit. On the same note I;am looking for a rear and dash cam for my unit put there are so many. do you feel wired is better put there is not a lot of rear cameras wired for trailers
  • Hiding Various Dash Accessory 12V Power Wires
    Just wandering way you did not hard wire those connections as you know they are hidden and if those cigar plug connections work them self loose like they always do you have to take your dash apart to get at them
  • Surge Guard
    A circuit breaker only has a reset function if you are forcing the breaker to break that is not what it was design to do. You should only reset the breaker not trip it yourself. the way I see it is all load should be shut off at the trailer before you pull the plug. At the power post.
  • Replacing my Cougar Fifth Wheels Rear Signal Lights
    So If you do not travel a lot and not a lot at night then why pay the extra for led
  • Diesel fuel additives
    I feel they are helpful very helpful when you consider the price of these newer model fuel injectors. the question is carbon based or organic, I 'am leaning towards organic put having trouble with the price of some of these additives.