• Frig needs fan
    I did the exact same thing to my rv fridge. It helps but it takes several other things to keep them efficient. I your fridge is in a slide out with side vents you need a fan at each exterior vent. Also you need to have a clean door seal ( no dirt or mold) and finally, dont over pack it. Your idea will work.

    Hope this helps,
  • Lion Energy Safari UT Lithium Battery Review
    I'm excited hear how the Lion option does. I have been holding off on this upgrade hoping for a more affordable option other than BB. Thanks - Bryan
  • Is anyone using the weBoost Connect RV 65?
    WeBoost now has an updated/ improved product call the Drive Reach. I have just ordered it and look forward to using it. I didn't want a permanent set up and wanted something I could move to other vehicles and locations.

    Just another option,