• Roller blinds/shades for RVs
    Thank you. Will stop by Walmart to have a peak. Will see if they have my sizes. The one at the the very back is super wide at 72" or so.
  • vaccine QR code
    In some states, like Florida, it is illegal to even ask for any vaccine confirmation. I have mine in my wallet, but no one has ever asked.
  • Shaker Siphon Tip – Inexpensive Tool for Liquid Transfers
    I'm getting one for water transfers into my RV, great idea and thank you.
  • Battery charging
    Thank you I have a similar setup with a small 2100W generator and wondered if it was the most efficient way to recharge the batteries. Same WFCO converter too.
  • Battery charging
    When you say you recharge your batteries. May I ask exactly how you connect to your Honda? Do you use the normal RV cord to the genny or else? Or is the genny connected direct to the batteries with a special charger?
  • Boondocking on the beach in Texas
    I too have been to SPI many times, it is as safe as can be.

    Just be careful, as you should be in any popular tourist area and you'll be fine. I spend my winters in the area, go to border towns in Mexico often, use common sense and have never had issues, yet many, very many worry about crime there. These folks sadly, often go nowhere for fear of the unknown, assuming the worse of people. Their loss.
  • Drone film or Photo
    That's one thing I've been wanting for a long time. That new Mavic Mini sure is tempting.... but there are simply too many issues with drones in general.

    One needs to be very ballsy these days to fly one, friends of mine had theirs damaged, they were yelled at, had dirt thrown at their cars, had encounters with the cops... simply not worth it I think, well for me. I also don't do lots of RVing in remote areas... I hate being disturbed and am not comfortable disturbing...

    Drone operators are a bit like nudists.... it's legal but in very specific places and in a very limiting way..
  • Haulgauge
    I have one, but have not used it yet, with my 5th wheel. Leaving for our winter getaway in a few weeks and will have a chance to test it.

    Tried it with no 5th wheel attached and weight was correct, as confirmed by a weigh on a scale.

    More to follow.
  • Battle Born Cyber Monday
    Sticking with my $100 classic & standard Golf Cart batteries.

    When they reach prices mere mortals can pay. I'll consider those.
  • Portable propane bypassing coach system
    Did I miss an episode?

  • Haloview RD7 Wireless Rear View Camera Kit (Extended Range)
    Angel... Consider a baby monitor. Inexpensive these days.

    Anything with a phone would require either Wi-Fi and a router. Bluetooth does not work well for video...
  • Over charge batteries?
    Thank you Logan X. I have spent $250 on new Costco golf cart batteries, rated at 207AH. I have a 1000W Xantrex pure sine inverter that was given to me. I have a 100W portable solar panel and a 2100W generator. Guess I was looking at ways to baby my 2 batteries the best way possible. For my needs getting even 1 $1000 battery is out if the question, let alone 2 of those... getting a $1400 Victron Inverter/Converter is also not in my rear view mirror. I'll spend for the Victron monitor though. After all, like you it's only for TV. Again thank you.
  • Over charge batteries?
    Got it, I do have AC Plugs and can connect the Intellipower there. Permanently disabling charging from the built-in WFCO and only use it to convert the 12V to power my 12V devices.
    Or.. The Intellipower is designed to be more than just a battery charger... Can I run wires then back to my fuse panel inside to be used as a fuse panel only, no converting from 110v to 12v.

    Is that what you did? Have you retired your OEM converter completely or is still performing tasks?
  • Over charge batteries?
    Thank you Ray for your wisdom.

    If I was to install an Intellipower Converter / Charger with pendant, like you did in my front compartment. How could I wire the 120V IN. I have a 2k generator, a 100W solar panel and shore power... That's where I get confused...
  • Over charge batteries?
    It's brand new, 2019. It's suppose to be a 3 stage charger, but it ain't so. Just like my previous 5th wheel, would go to 14. 4 once in a blue moon, 13.1 never seen it, 13.6 was it's standard operating mode.

    I've read your Intelli Power review and installation, am tempted.
  • Over charge batteries?

    I have a 100W solar panel with charge controller, would it be appropriate or too much for this task?

    Would you disconnect the batteries from my RV converter? If so, how or better yet, where you install a disconnect switch?

    Trying to get something installed to make it convenient...

  • Getting Inexpensive Data while visiting Canada
    As mentioned, data rates in Canada are excessive. The cartel, who runs the CRTC, similar to FCC in the USA, controls everything and dictates rates. Rates are a tad lower in Quebec, as they have 1 additional competitor (Videotron). It's a lost cause, for now. We may have 1 day a government who will have a back bone to figure it out.
  • Washing Machine for your RV
    We purchased this little washer and it's absolutely fantastic, washes and spin dries very well. Paid $250 CAD.
  • OEM Bathroom Fan Upgrade
    I did the same on my new Cougar in the bathroom. I went with the Vortex II, 3 fwd sowed and 2 reverse speed. Not too sure of the reverse ones though, being do close to the black tank vent pipe on the roof...

    I also installed a remote wall plate switch, since mine only operated with the push button on the fan itself and my wife is 4'11" on a good day.... Got it from ebay for $13 USD