• Over charge batteries?
    Thank you Logan X. I have spent $250 on new Costco golf cart batteries, rated at 207AH. I have a 1000W Xantrex pure sine inverter that was given to me. I have a 100W portable solar panel and a 2100W generator. Guess I was looking at ways to baby my 2 batteries the best way possible. For my needs getting even 1 $1000 battery is out if the question, let alone 2 of those... getting a $1400 Victron Inverter/Converter is also not in my rear view mirror. I'll spend for the Victron monitor though. After all, like you it's only for TV. Again thank you.
  • Over charge batteries?
    Got it, I do have AC Plugs and can connect the Intellipower there. Permanently disabling charging from the built-in WFCO and only use it to convert the 12V to power my 12V devices.
    Or.. The Intellipower is designed to be more than just a battery charger... Can I run wires then back to my fuse panel inside to be used as a fuse panel only, no converting from 110v to 12v.

    Is that what you did? Have you retired your OEM converter completely or is still performing tasks?
  • Over charge batteries?
    Thank you Ray for your wisdom.

    If I was to install an Intellipower Converter / Charger with pendant, like you did in my front compartment. How could I wire the 120V IN. I have a 2k generator, a 100W solar panel and shore power... That's where I get confused...
  • Over charge batteries?
    It's brand new, 2019. It's suppose to be a 3 stage charger, but it ain't so. Just like my previous 5th wheel, would go to 14. 4 once in a blue moon, 13.1 never seen it, 13.6 was it's standard operating mode.

    I've read your Intelli Power review and installation, am tempted.
  • Over charge batteries?

    I have a 100W solar panel with charge controller, would it be appropriate or too much for this task?

    Would you disconnect the batteries from my RV converter? If so, how or better yet, where you install a disconnect switch?

    Trying to get something installed to make it convenient...

  • Getting Inexpensive Data while visiting Canada
    As mentioned, data rates in Canada are excessive. The cartel, who runs the CRTC, similar to FCC in the USA, controls everything and dictates rates. Rates are a tad lower in Quebec, as they have 1 additional competitor (Videotron). It's a lost cause, for now. We may have 1 day a government who will have a back bone to figure it out.
  • Washing Machine for your RV
    We purchased this little washer and it's absolutely fantastic, washes and spin dries very well. Paid $250 CAD.
  • OEM Bathroom Fan Upgrade
    I did the same on my new Cougar in the bathroom. I went with the Vortex II, 3 fwd sowed and 2 reverse speed. Not too sure of the reverse ones though, being do close to the black tank vent pipe on the roof...

    I also installed a remote wall plate switch, since mine only operated with the push button on the fan itself and my wife is 4'11" on a good day.... Got it from ebay for $13 USD
  • Folding electric bike
    A suggestion. You could have looked at Voltbike, based in BC.

    Dynamic owner, good bikes and pricing.

  • Looking for a good deal on a 100 portable solar panel
    Ended up fixing my old one... I just needed to replaced the diodes. Works fine now.

    I only use it to keep batteries topped up when I'm storage.

  • Thetford Aqua Magic Style II Toilet Seal
    Mine had the same symptoms, was 6 years old, parts delivery was going to take a few days, dealer made me s sweet deal on a whole new throne, under $125

    Took 15 minutes to replace.
  • Lion Energy Safari UT Lithium Battery Review
    Hum, let me think $400 for 4 GC2, or $3,000 for 3 new High Tech batteries.

    No brainer for me. I'll be 6 ft under when they're affordable
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
    I'm in Canada, and most quality TPMS system here are in the $300 to $400 range. That is a lot money, and I am simply not ready to pay that much to monitor my tire pressure.

    Been RVing for 10+ years and I check my tire pressure often, touch wood, and never any pressure related problems.

    Maybe one day, they will be standard equipment.
  • Haloview Backup Camera
    Same here, I get 2 to 3 bars. Picture is of high quality.

    So I do like I do for my black tank sensors. I ignore the bars..
  • questions for full timers
    I'm sure your Sabre will do well. We had a 2010 that we just traded in this week for r a new Cougar.

    We've traveled extensively from Toronto to the West coast a few times, in a caravan of 24 RV's to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. We loved every minutes. No major issue whatsoever.

    Re your water tank, I never ever traveled with lots of water, knowing too well and having seen how those tanks are attached to the frame...

    We spent the last 2 winters in Texas, for 3 months. No problems.

    So you had disc brakes installed... Wow that must make a big difference.

    Good tires is important, tire pressure even more.

    You'll do fine. Thumbs up.
  • Haloview Wireless RV Rear View Camera Review
    Just finished installing my MC5111 on my 2019, new 31 foot Cougar, which is pre-wired for such a camera. Really it's a bracket and power lead... Nothing more.

    I used the Furrion Bracket, the flat one.

    Piece of cake to install, literally plug and play.

    Looks fantastic and the image on the display is crisp and clear.

    I have a Ford F250 and did not want that big screen, the 5 inch is ideal.

    Going on a long trip soon, will report back on performance, but initial report is impressive, for half the cost of the Furrion model, well at least in Canada.