• Davis Camp Bullhead City, AZ
    It’s worth a visit simply as an icon to consumerism! But damn, it sure is spacious and convenient!
  • RV Battery Hold Down and Security Lock
    Victim, not victom. Just saying.
  • Davis Camp Bullhead City, AZ
    The next time you’re in that neighborhood, check out the new Terrible Herbst’s Chevron station in Jean, NV on I-15. Over 100 pumps and all of them have a diesel hose. The store is HUGE! The bathrooms are even more huge, and clean. But skip the White Castle restaurant. Ug. Slow incompetent service and the mini burgers are really crappy.

    Lots of room for long rigs on the west side of the building.
  • Humpty's back together again!
    And since one leaf spring failed already, that’s god’s (or whomever’s) way of saying....”Replace the other three leaf springs now.”
  • As the song goes broken down and busted falt!
    Tales from the road...broke a leaf spring bolt way down south of Guerrero Negro in Baja California thanks to crater sized pot holes. Didn’t have any 3/4” bolts but a Craftsman brand chrome moly ratchet extension was a perfect fit. I bailing wired it in place and it lasted for the entire trip and then some!

    I love Ajo. It may be a hard scrabble town, but the people are genuine.
  • Installing TOGO Roadlink C2 by Winegard
    Have thought about the phone as wifi. It’s cheaper than a MyFi or similar.  Might have to visit my local ATT store before we head out for our next adventure in January.

    The WeBoost 4G with the round trucker antenna seems to do very well for us. Since we take the truck down tight trails, I have the antenna stowed until we’re settled, then I deploy. The yagi is an interesting concept, but I’m quickly running out of interest trying to maximize my connection to the outside world.

    When we have no connectivity we fall back on...gasp....books. And I refuse to have a TV on board. Nothing but mind numbing c**p on the idiot box. Nature is better than a dang TV anyway.

    Tks Ray. Your content is first rate, your delivery is pleasant and is without hype and self-promotion. I like it that way!
  • Installing TOGO Roadlink C2 by Winegard
    Understood. But does the Winegard boost the ATT signal at all, or does the roof-top antenna and processor make collecting the signal more efficient? If so, is it as effective as my WeBoost?

    As far as cell signals, we have a 4x4 camper and get waaaaay to the fringes, and beyond, of cell coverage. A lot of times we only get coverage from midnight to 4 am when others are not using the cell tower(s). When we’re off-grid we fall back on our satellite-based Garmin InReach for communications.

    I can’t wait for satellite based internet. I suspect with crazy thinkers like Elon Must, et al, we’ll see something workable in a year or two.
  • Installing TOGO Roadlink C2 by Winegard
    Ray...I’d like to see a head to head comparison with a WeBoost 4G as far as cell signal boosting. Since we are mostly boondockers we really depend upon the WeBoost for a cell and data signal. But I don’t have a wifi router, so we’re limited to using our phones to surf the web. I’d love to be able to use my wifi only iPad, but I don’t want to switch to the Togo if it doesn’t do what my WeBoost does as far as pulling in a weak signal. Tks.
  • $30 RV 30A tester, easy to use
    Augie...adding another dimension to your theory about modern electronics being tougher than we think....the neighboring pole mounted transformer blew up this summer and the resulting power surge lit our weather head on fire, fried our alarm system, treadmill, and a floor fan in our house.

    But we have most of our electronics on modern power surge protectors. About half of the surge protectors fried, filling our house with acrid white smoke, but none of the electronics and computers plugged into the surge protectors were damaged. Some electric powered equipment that wasn’t on surge protectors, like kitchen appliances and two wifi routers did not suffer any damage either. The power company was very good about paying for the damage which amounted to about $2,500.

    That being said, I’d rather have a surge protector of some sort upstream of my expensive electronics, just in case.
  • Exterior Protectorant on New Trailer
    I’ve gotten away from waxing and use a gelcoat specific sealer. Lots of them on the market but I use Star Brite Marine Polish with PTEF (teflon). It goes on like wax but it’s easier to work. My fiberglas sheds water like a duck and bugs seem to be easier to remove. I “wax” my rig twice a year, spring and fall.
  • Jets
    Rainbow Canyon/Star Wars Canon is on the western side of Death Valley National Park, California, not Nevada.

    Some parts of eastern California look like Nevada, but make no mistake, those of us who live in California understand that our state taxes its citizens into the poor house and is more oppressive when it comes to civil liberties than Nevada and most other states.
  • Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
    Funny you should mention the USBP. We camped over by Canelo for a couple of days in January. In the AM we did a little hike and 100 yards from our boondock site was a very sophisticated and camouflaged USBP listening/observing point with a fancy FLIR on an expandable pole. I certainly felt safe!
  • Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
    Organ Pipe during last January’s government shutdown was a joy! Although the sign said the campground was closed, there were a dozen brave souls who drove around the flimsy sign and had the run of the campground for the week.

    The camp hosts were kind enough to leave the restrooms open and stocked. Thank you camp hosts! You do great work!!! And contrary to stories in the MSM, campers in the “closed” campground did a great job of policing their own trash and acting like adults.

    The only thing that’s a bit unsettling are the signs posted on National Monument hiking trails warning about drug smugglers in the area.
  • New Partnership in the LiFePo4 Energy Storage Market...
    Since we’re four season campers, from as low as zero in the winter and 100+ in the summer, lithium still presents some challenges that AGM doesn’t. Boy would I be pissed if lithium batteries shut down because it was too hot or too cold outside. For the time being, my two big 4D AGM deep cycles are the way to go for me.
  • Boondocking near Flagstaff, AZ
    Taking VW-travels suggestion to the next step, USFS Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) are available for free on Avenza. A MVUM is a Forest Service created off-road vehicle trail map. Each National Forest must have MVUM if they have vehicle trails. If you have a GPS enabled device (phone, ipad) you can download the Avenza app for free, register, then download free USFS MVUMs of your choosing. When you are in a specific national forest, you simply open the app, then open the MVUM you’ve saved for that area, then your device will put a little blue dot where you are on the map and you can track your location in real time. Also, camp sites are shown on the map as a little black dot. Very, very useful!! And did I mention they’re free? Using Avenza takes some getting used to, but once you’ve mastered it you’ll be berry berry happy.
  • Is anyone using the weBoost Connect RV 65?
    The boss lady’s cell phone plays a tone when her iPhone downloads emails. Nothing like being awakened at 3 am by a “you’ve got mail” ding! Funny story. We were in Chaco Canyon last winter. There is no hint of a cell signal in Chaco Canyon...except, as we discovered, on the Pueblo Alto Trail way up on the mesa. Must come from the Navaho Res. It’s a very freaky feeling to have your iPhone dinging and downloading email whilst walking among 1500 year old ruins. Trust me, I felt very guilty.
  • Is anyone using the weBoost Connect RV 65?
    We have the WeBoost OTR in our rig. Works great when there is just a hint of a cell signal. But, when we can’t pick up any signal, we leave our modern world worries behind and turn to our old fashioned books and Kindle. And no, we DO NOT have a TV. We’re retired from the hurry up world and we purposely left the idiot box behind. All it does is create stress for no reason.

    And a tip...sometimes when we have no cell signal at all, we’ll leave the WeBoost and our cell phones on overnight. Many times in the middle of the night competing cell traffic will die off and our WeBoost will connect and our email will download. But the next morning, cell traffic will pick up again and knock us off the cell grid because we’re so far from the cell site.
  • There's Boondocking ... and, then there's Boondocking!!
    Love the Ajo and Organ Pipe area! I feel real safe because there are hundreds of Border Patrol officers and scores of BP checkpoints from Gila Bend, to Ajo, and over to Sierra Vista. Pretty pretty country, but don’t be surprised if you’re out on a hike and you run into a camouflaged National Guard operated FLIR observation outpost.