• softstart
    Yes just installed and our Honda 2000 has no problem starting and running AC. Easy to install and if you need customer service you will find them very helpful, I called with a warranty question.
  • Hello from Eastern Oregon!
    Hi from Olympic Peninsula, had hoped to travel to Frenchglen/Stevens area and over to Jordan Valley area this year, but just didn't make out on the road, maybe next year, cheers.
  • Cleaning and Waxing the Rig
    Hi Randy, thank you for the input. I have used the Zep for a year now on my boat....maybe because we are in the PNW the sun doesn't affect the Zep, but currently no yellowing, and all I did was add another coat this season to keep the shine. Believe me I was very concerned with yellowing but nothing else was working so "what the heck" give it a try, and I am happy so far...I'll let you all know if my opinion changes. Cheers.
  • Cleaning and Waxing the Rig
    I have a 1978 FG sailboat that was badly oxidized and I tried all sorts of products and paid $$$ one year to have the boat done professionally. The results were the same...looked great for 3 months to a year then back to a dull looking finish. Then I stumbled on Zep Wet Look industrial floor wax and the boat has never looked better. First time took 4 applications but now it is just a quick wash and single application once a year.....never looked so shinny. It hasn't yellowed and it holds up in the tough Marine environment. Lots of YouTube videos on this process. If you try this start with a small area like back of rig to see if it will work for you.