• Folding electric bike
    faster then mine I could only get 25mph but still you wipe out at that speed at our age well there go a hip. LOL.

    lol ...yes i'm whining longer :)
  • BC Coastal Views - Late September

    Yes there is no land with it.
  • Folding electric bike

    Too bike is sitting here with a flat tire. Like TCB said check and double check all fittings, nuts and screws because i found few loose bolts and had to adjust the gear changer because i was only getting 3 of the 7 speeds.

    Lectric XP 28mph Unlocking + Issues and modifications
  • BC Coastal Views - Late September
    When we go to visit my sister over in Sechelt BC we like to walk around Gibson's. Never been inside Molly's Reach but for $379,000 CAD it can be yours :)
    The Beachcombers, Molly's Reach
  • BC Coastal Views - Late September
    September on the coast is closing out nicely with lots of sun and mild days.Ray

    We were planing on going over to Pender Island to winterize the sailboat but decided to go camping at Chilliwack Lake. Seeing your pictures made me think of the ferry ride through active pass.

    Its was starting to get cold at Chilliwack Lake.
  • Fluid Film Corrosion Protection
    I use CorrosionX Aviation and Dow Corning DC4
  • Lion Energy Safari UT Lithium Battery Review
    Lion Safari installAnnie and Alfie

    I have the same solar controller but I use the bluetooth adapter & app. Works great
  • Lion Energy Safari UT Lithium Battery Review
    That reminds me I had some footage of a floatplane coming in really close to our RV site. Kind of freaky the first time it happened.Ray

    Like watching them but not working on them. They flew us over to do a inspection to the engine.
  • Old school van camping
    The camper had few amenities. No toilet or shower. No holding tanks. No heater. For lighting it had a lantern style propane light inside and a small fridge which amazingly worked great.

    got so cold we woke to icicles above our heads in the cab over due to frozen condensation.
    Greg F
    That's what i remember ice fishing here in Canada when i was younger...and boots frozen to the camper floor.

    After the kids got older it was back to motorcycles traveling and sleeping where ever. Now we take the toyhauler on long trips but I'll still do solo trips to Sturgis with family & friends.
  • Shoe storage
    We mounted shoe pockets along the sides of the bed frame where the mattress overhangs the support board and the vertical sides.Mary Lifeunderway
  • Folding electric bike
    Now you received your ebikes you'll should watch this video about Locks and Security Solutions for Electric Bikes
  • Folding electric bike
    We received our Lectric ebikes couple days ago and they were shipped to my son's place in Seattle. They gave us a tracking # and everything went smoothly to have someone home to receive them. Next week we are crossing the border for Las Vegas so we will be swinging by to pick them up...if i can get them away from him because they love them.

    Video for setting up your ebike for the first time...
  • Lion Energy Safari UT Lithium Battery Review
    Good deal, seems really cheap, even for raw cells, are they used? I'm just asking because I notice at the bottom of the spec sheet they listed appearance.Ray
    They are new and they all came matched.

    The look new. Alibaba? That is really cheap.Greg F
    aliexpress sells them cheap but shop around because they always go on specials and they will also offer free shipping.
    Important thing to check is the attachment bolts size. Always message seller and ask whats the largest bolt size you can get because some of the large AH have tiny little screw to attach 4/0 wires :s
    CALB have large bolts but cost more.
  • Lion Energy Safari UT Lithium Battery Review
    I wonder if they are considering some larger batteries. It would be great for people looking for 200, 300, 400 AH systems to be able to buy a single battery instead of multiple batteries with multiple BMS.Greg F

    i paid $550 for 4x @ 200AH each. I have another set of 4 @ 200 each but i haven't installed them because thats going to be my winter project.

  • Folding electric bike

    Congrats on the new Lectric XP bike. We ordered two bikes (white & black) and will be shipped early August. We didn't want to ship them to Canada so we had them shipped to our son's place in Seattle. They should be well used by the time we swing by to pick them up :)
  • Tips & Tricks for Keeping the RV Cool
    Head north into the mountains!Greg F

    Went too far on the Okanagan Connector in BC
  • Folding electric bike
    Make sure you add the discount code from one of the videos to get free Pannier Bag. Just use the code during checkout.

  • Folding electric bike
    Couple of the RV YouTube channels have been showing these bikes but they are around 59 lbs with fenders, rear rack and battery. June & July shipments are sold out so you wont get one till Aug.
    Lectric XP