• 10 Year Anniversary for the Love Your RV blog
    congratulations Ray and Ann
    have always and continue to enjoy your posts. We got our trailer 10 years ago this month and when I googled the model (276rls) to find out about it your blog was the first thing that came up, have been following you ever since! Thanks for all the valuable info you have put in your blogs.
  • Simple to Install Exterior Window Shades for a Cool RV
    it pats to read the comments!, I was wondering if that material would work over the skylight in the shower area, look forward to seeing the results when you do it.
    Thanks for another informative video.
  • Southwestern Boondocking LYRV Christmas Giveaway
    Hi Ray, great idea doing a give a way to people near the area you are staying, can't wait till you get back to your sisters place :lol:
  • Installing LCI Road Armor EQ, Wet Bolts, Bushings & Shackles
    Great video Ray, If my mechanic worked that fast It would be easier to justify $85 an hour :)
  • Baptism by Fire
    A few years back on one of our first trips in our 5th wheel we were in Oregon in a very tight and tiered campground with the added issue of stone wall lining the tight driveway. Of course we arrived at dinner time so everyone was out and got to see the show, much to my surprise (and everyone else's) I made it in one try with no problems, the people next to us applauded and said they had taken 30 minutes and several tries to get into their site, he said when I was unhooked the first beer was on him. So with my inflated head and ego I confidently unhooked and leveled the trailer, hooked up the sewer hose and water all the while anticipating the cold beverage to follow ( and the inevitable back slapping!) With all that done my last task was to put the slide out......Yup had parked too close to the electrical post, couldn't extend the slide :( Half an hour later and three feet to the left the slide opened...finally got the beer.. just didn't taste as good as I had expected.
  • Forum RULES?
    very good ideas Ray, I like this whole new format.
  • Kodachrome Basin State Park
    That's pretty funny picture Ray, gotta love mother nature!