• Float Plane Lands Right in Front of Campsite!
    Wow and the camera was rolling.
  • Dometic refrigerator not cold enough
    ok tnx Ray. Thought it strange because other folks are always saying how they could not get them cold enough and we have our thermistor as far down as it can realistically go on the fin. But rather too cold than the other way. Our next Dometic serious problem is a stinky leaky model 300. Our second under warranty. The dealer is going to try and fit a 320 (porcelain) in on Wednesday we hope as we leave for a month starting Friday. We had a 320 in our previous TT.
  • Dometic refrigerator not cold enough
    Our Dometic runs too cold. Freezer: -19c and Fridge: 6c though sometimes down to 2c in fridge. Actually ideal I guess but occasionally food freezes or fins ice up. This is with the thermistor slid down to it’s “warmest” position possible.
  • Lion UT1300 Batteries at Costco
    Wow I jumped at that until I realized it was Costco USA! No such animal at (Canada) yet.
  • Last day of the trip
    We cut our 4 1/2 month trip and after 2 weeks headed back to Ontario from Texas. Isolating here in Guelph.
  • Eco Flow Delta 1300
    Yes I’m waiting. Some of the other YouTube’s have already reviewed. It looks real interesting but I’m not sure if they are actually up to production speed yet.
  • Battery charging
    I also use it on my 7pin connector.
  • Water Pump
    I bought some "pool noodle" and cut sections and wrapped them around the tubing near the pump intake/output in the pump enclosure. Made a huge difference and is a low cost improvement.
  • Deep Cycle Batteries
    I found that 6V were really expensive in Canada.
  • Hello from Guelph Ontario
    Yes in 2018 we left Guelph in may and returned 5 months later. The highlight was travelling in the NWT and YK eventually ending up in Tuktoyaktuk. Truely an amazing journey in our country. If you have the opportunity, we highly recommend seeing this part of Canada. We took the ferry to Nanaimo to avoid the fires and spent 3 weeks on Vancouver island. I think at one point we were very close to your summer residence.