• Camco Rhino Sewer Tote Tank – First Use with Macerator Pump
    Ray, nice setup. How far can the macerator pump. We have about a 75ft run in our current location that’s slightly uphill.
  • Mopeka Wireless Propane Tank Level Sensors
    Thanks for the video Ray. I’ve used these for over 2 years now and love knowing how much propane is in the tanks. I have the ring instead of the clips to lift the tank and find those easy to use. The only issue I have had is lately after taking the tanks for a refill, it took a while to get the sensors working again. I saw they now provide the dielectric grease which I never had, so I tried spraying a little silicon lubricant on the rubber pad, and walla, they work like a charm now. I guess a good water proof lubricant is needed to keep the rubber pads in shape. Probably not on every fill up but whenever they may seem to need a little care.
    Glad you did the unboxing.
  • Issue with Haloview Camera
    Yea, I’m not seeing any lights on the camera come on. I even opened it up and checked voltage all the way to the connectors so I know it’s getting power. Just no leds lighting up. I’m going to call Haloview on Tuesday. See if they give me a discount on the new side cameras.
    Though I think I will take your advice and maybe try to pair it just in case
  • Dometic refrigerator not cold enough
    We have seen a few videos installing fans to help circulate air, both inside and at the back of the fridge. Has anyone had success doing this?
  • Best App for Campgrounds in Canada
    Thanks. I have those, just wasnt’t sure which ones had the best coverage for Canada.
  • Where can you buy lithium batteries in Canada?
    Have you tried emailing Battleborn batteries to ask how to buy their batteries in Canada. I found them very responsive when I emailed them questions.