• Oxyegenics Fury Shower Head
    The photo shows one I’ve found on Amazon I’m considering. I moved our older style Oxygenetics from our previous rig to the one we have now but the head is too heavy for the OEM holder. I may give Oxygenitics a call and see if they will sell one.
  • Oxyegenics Fury Shower Head
    Ray, have you been able to get replacement shower head holders?
  • Milwaukee Hackzall
    VW, I’ve got some tools with the same battery system as yours, the problem is most times when I need to use those tools my battery is very low....
  • New steps and storage box

    Sounds like a very good decision for the two of you!
  • Insurance for Class A that will be stationary and used
    Find an agent that handles Foremost Insurance (Farmers agents and most independents). Foremost will write it but not sure without collision. I know they will write a TT of Fifth Wheel set up and not moved as a regular Manufactured Home but not sure if they do it for a Motorhome. Good Luck!
  • New steps and storage box
    For those like me that store theirs off site or concerned with limited space in tight sites, check out the Torklift Glowstep Revolution. I put them on ours and they are very solid. Had one time I was checking on our rig in storage and not with our truck, the unit next to us was so close I couldn’t get our door opened the widest, but still had the steps solid and safely on the ground to get inside.
  • Replace rear awning arm
    A good friend replaced one of his, not sure if it was front of rear. Good call on having it done, he said it was quite involved.
  • Rotten Slide Out Floor Corner
    Check out the Slide Skis on this video (not the same as the plastic strips to protect floor covering). I just learned about them and haven’t found them on line but the guy who did the video has info of the RV parts place he purchased them from. This looks a lot like your problem.

    I’d be tempted if you don’t mind spending the $$ to get some Marine Grade Plywood.

    The Slide Skis look to provide the water release many old wood windows had routed on the underside of the sill so water couldn’t work it’s way back to the wall. Much like a drip edge on a house roof with a gutter below
  • CloZures RV Door Window Shade
    I looked at these, after they sent a sample decided against it as I would always have the opening blocked by the vertical stripes.

    Instead I went with the clear glass and shade from Ross RV Innovations,

    Love the clear glass, the shade is a bit funky as it installed on 4 magnets to the screen. It is attached to the inside of the screen on the inside so useable without the door being open, then rolls up and snaps to keep from coming down. We rarely need it so just leave it rolled up in a cabinet nearby.
  • Leak
    I would be trying to determine just how bad the leak is. Many RV type windows are secured with a trim ring screwed from the inside. With the photo you shared I’d remove the interior trim ring while having someone on the outside keeping it from falling out. With a hard plastic putty knife then work it under the the outside rim to sever the butyl tape and remove the window. Once off clean the surface on the window and trailer where the tape was, apply new on the window surround and reinstall. Since it’s summer I would let the butyl tape rest for a few days and see if any more oozes out, then seal with Proflex sealant. Don’t use silicon sealants.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
    More more thing on my TST system, when I first started using it the only monitor was their monochrome. I updated to their color monitor a few moths ago which is so much nicer. Always needed to move sunglasses up to read the monochrom, but have yet to do that with the color monitor.
  • BW Companion or Curt 5er hitch for new F350
    There are some great videos on YouTube by B&W. Search for BWtrailers there and watch the onenon their history and watch the NBC news clip from soon after the 2008 market crash.

    I’ve had their Companion for about 3 years and it is seriously the best hitch I’ve owned which includes a total of 4 over the years. If you want to move it out of the truck plan to buy a hoist of some sorts. It’s heavy but that is also what makes a very quiet hitch in tow.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
    We’ve had the TST507system for about 5 years. Just upgraded to the new color monitor. Bought the system direct from them and have been given great service more than once. The best was after the warranty was expired and having a problem with a sensor they replaced it at no cost to me.