• Take a look do you see the face in the sunset.
    Alfred E. Newman from MAD Magazine.
  • Over charge batteries?
    Thank you all for you insightful and helpful replies; very much appreciated!
    I am beginning to understand the challenges and the options available.
    Again, fantastic forum and genuinely thoughtful replies. To borrow a phrase, “Cheers” to you all.
  • Over charge batteries?
    First, LOVE your channel and I have learned so much! Thank you !!!
    That said, is there a “Set it and Forget It” electrical system out there for both boondocking and electric hook-up parks? GeekyGuy’s question is a good one.
    I am recently retired and not a very geeky guy. I don’t want to have to think about disconnecting batteries (even if it means just throwing a circuit breaker) for a while to let them drain to 85%, then hook them back up. Or add solar to run a certain type of charger just to have a better experience during the absorption phase. I just want to enjoy nature, explore and have an RV 12Volt power system I can rely on. Too much to ask for a non-geek excited about seeing North America in our 2014 Winnebago View 24V?