• Solar Charger
    One of my concerns would be the security of the Bluetti and the connection to the RV. My cord is located at the rear and my basement storage is at the front. Your thoughts?

    I like the idea of this over a generator since it’s quiet.
  • Starlink price for mobility
    $110 + 25 = $135 US
  • Cart a Rhino dump tank without a ball hitch?
    Do you have a receiver for a hitch ball? If so, just buy a ball hitch for when you need it and stow it away when you don’t.
  • Fifth Wheel Tailgates
    How often will you be towing vs. not towing? Once maybe twice a day you’d need to lower the tailgate. Once you’re at your location you don’t need to lower it but you might want to secure your belongings in the bed. With a 5th wheel tailgate that’s not possible.
  • Fifth Wheel Tailgates
    I agree. I have a solid tonneau cover and things stay safe and I lock the tailgate when ever I’m not towing.