• Finally Headed South Again Fall 2021
    Oh man, I'm a few days late to this party. Just saw the horrible weather that you just missed Ray and Anne. So glad you are several days' safely south of all that terrible stuff up north. Welcome back to the states. We're glad you're back. And safe.
  • JT's Strong Arm Stabilizers
    DW and I are testing out our newly installed JT Strongarms on our 36' 2015 5ver with standard electric jacks. Wife says she can hardly feel it when I fall down the stairs... (I sleep at the other end, cause I snore). :grin:
  • Last day of the trip
    Gee, a big, hand lettered sign that says, "I came from The States" would have kept people away as effectively as an ugly fence, dontcha think??!

    Glad you're home, safe. Still looking for that toes up, estuary picture sometime... Take the boat out. :)
  • Last day of the trip
    Be safe. Be happy. Take care of each other. We'll watch for you "on the other side"!! Toes up!
  • Driving with Solar Panel Tilts Up?
    Can you say "yard sale"??!
  • Snow Day! Wind Turbines, Mojave, CA
    I totally agree there are trade-offs for all sorts of energy production. Come travel to parts of my beautiful state of Utah and see what the extractive coal industries have done to the landscapes, water, habitat. Wind and solar seem to be much more benign by comparison. As long as we humans consume energy, we will need to find green ways to produce it. Properly sited wind and solar make more sense than coal and atomic energy.
  • Tripping south fell over but got up
    Really love the photos. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.