• extra brake turn signals?

    I added stop and turn signals.
    I have never been stopped for having the extra lights.
    Have passed state required inspections every year.
    I know the license is not mounted legal. I haven't been stopped, yet.....
    The bottom of my add on lights is a little over 80" off the ground.
    The original lights still operate correctly.
    The add on lights are surface mounted LED lights and a lot brighter than the stock lights.

    The reason for the lights is for vehicles behind me to see advanced notice that I am doing something up where I'm at.
    Cars should be able to see my signals even if they aqre several cars back.
    Truckers should see me as well, several cars or even many cars back.
    This is all just trying to be safer out on the road.
  • Hot water heater
    My switch froze, too.
    I got the switch loose, but it wouldn't come out.
    Someone showed me how to pull switch out a little.
    Tilt top of switch towards me and lift up and pull all the way out.
    I extend the wires to the switch and remounted the switch inside the rv..
    Much better.
  • Class A alignment cost?
    The first thing they will should do check is for any worn out parts.
    Can't do a proper alignment with worn parts.
    If any are found, you should be given a quote.
    They cannot guarantee an alignment if there are worn parts and will not do it.
    If there are worn parts, could get expensive (such as kingpins).
    If kingpins must be replaced, get the brass bushings if available. Nylon, will wear out quicker.
    Tie rod ends are another wear item.
    Let us know how this turns out for you.
    My fingers are crossed!!
  • Make it more accessible
    Nice mods.
  • Replacing black and gray tank valves
    Year, 2011.
    My outlet is on the side like Rays.
    I've got clear water out of the blk tank. But, I'm not drinking any of it.....
  • Replacing black and gray tank valves
    Ray, I have tipped the rv forwards and back for both tanks.
    I may be ready to roll up my sleeves and.....
    Thanks! Pat
  • Replacing black and gray tank valves
    I have flushed out the black tank many times. I can't say it is clean enough to eat off of, but the water that drains out now is very clear.