• Renogy DC to DC Charger
    *** Update ***

    Well, I am now officially a full time (or mostly full time) rv'er. I wanted to give an update with my findings with the DC-to-DC charger, now that we have been on the road for about a month now. I hope it might help others if they have problems.

    I have identified a few things that happen to the DC-DC charger.

    1. Circuit blows next to the battery in the engine compartment: I think this happens when I have a lot of rpm, for example when going up steep hills. After going up steep hill's I will check the breaker when I get a chance.

    2. DC-DC charger fails to charge, and there is a red light on the charger: This was a very interesting issue and took a little time to solve. What I found that is when plug into shore power, this will happen. So, what I do is turn off the circuit breaker by the DC-DC charger, so power does not get to it when plugged in.

    So, now every time we take off, I check for the popped circuit breaker and the red light and then verify that the DC-DC charger is working. I will also check how its working every time we stop.

    All in all I love having the DC-DC charger. I can now run the inverter when driving so I can run the fridge on AC instead of propane, and at the same time charge my batteries. I also figure that is a big safety feature, not having the propane on.

    PS. We are currently at Palm Canyon, in Kofa Wildlife refuge area. Thanks to a video from Ray about 5 or 6 years ago. What a wonderful spot.

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  • Renogy DC to DC Charger
    OK, thanks. I just ordered the Digital Clamp Multimeter you have on your amazon page. My multimeter is old and very basic does not show amps, only volts and ohms.
  • Renogy DC to DC Charger
    Thank you Luc, that is a good idea. However, my multimeter does not measure amps. I have been wanting to get one, I guess this is a good excuse to do so.
  • Renogy DC to DC Charger
    Thanks Ray, I am using 4 gauge wire like the manual says, and brand new batteries (3 weeks old). I wonder if my alternator does not have generate enough amps? Do you think that could cause the issue, if it does not generate enough amperage? It looks like I could either have a 200 amp or a 125 amp. Not sure which one I have, so I will investigate that.
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    The one thing you need to think about, is that normal RV/Auto insurance (without a home) does not cover any personal items in the RV. If you have home owners insurance, then your personal items should be covered (less your deductible). I would check with your own insurance company to make sure. You may need a special special type of insurance to cover your personal items.