• Shaker Siphon Tip – Inexpensive Tool for Liquid Transfers
    Those work great I have used mine alot.
    Just be sure to clean the glass ball and brass fitting,
    I didn't once and the fuel turned into shellac and never worked after that.
  • Installing (LED-UV) RV Water Purification System
    Thanks for all the research Ray, very interesting video. LED lights have really changed the lifespan of many products.
    I enjoy watching your videos!
  • Installing (LED-UV) RV Water Purification System
    Hi everyone I hope all are having a great summer! My question on the purification system is how often do they recomend replacing the LED UV bulb in the system and at what cost.
    I install a UV system in my house quite a few years ago now but the recomandation was to replace the bulb anually as it lost it's purification strengh,.the bulb was around $90.00 Canadian, something to think about in the long term costs of the system.
  • Campground Wildlife Photo/Video Thread
    Prairie sunset at about 10 pm
  • Tires
    All great information! Speed rating is another thing to consider as traveling on interstates you want at least keep up in traffic. I'm sure it must be very stressful going through some of the large cities. That's a whole new subject lol!
    That was a good article Ray, thanks for putting the link to it.
  • Tires
    Thanks for the information, I have heard LT tires over ST tires can give you a bit of sway in the trailer but the good thing about light truck tires you can get better quality and easy availability.
  • Tires
    Good to hear thanks for the information!
  • Tires
    Thanks Sean, that helps to confirm the way I was going. Appreciate the input!
  • Hello from Manitoba Canada
    That's great! I am not very good at forums yet, this is my first so I guess you are wondering why I posted in this section lol
  • Hello from Manitoba Canada
    Hello from Manitoba Canada! I enjoy watching your videos and sharing all your knowledge to help a beginner like myself.