• Kitchen Grey tank
    Are the Sea Level sensors worth the time and money if they stop working too?
  • RV Cooling Tip – Cover the Skylight with Exterior Shade
    Great idea, I am looking to order based on your reviews, are you an affiliate for them?
  • Kitchen Grey tank
    Are you putting down 8 oz. in each tank? How much water?
    Thanks for the tip
  • Wet Bay Mod and Filter Add
    Wow, when can I hire you to do my new rig? That is too cool for school. Could you post some pics of the backside / outside of the compartment to show how you created the new wall? Great job!
  • New Addons to our home
    Looks like a beautiful piece of wood, is it heavy? What hardware did you use to attach it?
  • MIMO Antenna's
    Yes, used one with good results for a number of years.
    Netgear 6000450 MIMO Antenna with 2 TS-9 Connectors
    Mobile Internet Resource Center recommended this one.
  • Cable slide reliability
    WOW! I sure hope Montana helped you out with all those failures, obviously something was wrong from the start with that one slide. What happens to the cable - does it break? Can you move the slide when it happens? Thanks for sharing.
  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
    Merry Christmas Ray and Anne.
    Did you need the BIG axe?
  • Cable slide reliability
    Thanks for your reply Brian. I have heard that on the Swintec system it is important to not stop once you start putting slide in or out until it completes.
  • Cable slide reliability
    Thanks for your slide story Vicki. Are your slides using the cable system or something else?
  • Was a Great Beagle and Best Friend
    She was so much fun to watch in your videos. I believe these good friends are in heaven waiting for us. Glad we can still watch her anytime!!
    Take care,
    Mike & Brenda
  • Health Insurance
    I used CHM some years ago between on a career break. Although I never had a claim with them, they were great to work with and have a great reputation. This is a faith based organization and there are some requirements. Good luck with your search.
  • Wild Clouds in AZ to Celebrate our Anniversary
    Happy Anniversary and Merry Christmas.
    Awesome pictures, we can't wait to stay there in the future. Looks like you have it on your regular rotation of boondocking spots.
  • Exterior door of RV so drafty
    Have you tried an infrared thermometer to determine where air leak(s) are originating? I would guess around the door perimeter and you should be able to replace the seal (and it definitly should not blow off). I guess you are out of warranty but have you contacted Winnebago?
  • RIP Angie You are Missed!
    Hi Ray
    Just watching another Youtube channel and his visit to Oregon beaches and immediately thought of Angie and her beach explorations. We are lucky to have these good friends with us for awhile to share life with.