• New tow vehicle
    F-350 SRW / 8 ft. bed...……...Simply beautiful!
  • Tires
    They can put whatever name they want on the sidewall. Chinese tires are Chinese tires.
  • Tires
    I don't trust any of the "Chinese skins".... I have opted on the last two 5th wheels that I've owned to replace the tires with Michelin Defender truck tires (load range "E") and have had 0 problems. Some have told me that the sidewalls on truck tires are "too hard" but I've experienced no open cabinets or other issues. A friend of mine had a Chinese tire separate and do about $5,000 in exterior/fiberglass damage..... I'll deal with a drawer sliding open if that ever happens.
  • Kitty travel companions
    We had the opportunity to see two kitties on leashes at James Island County Park in May. It's always amusing due to the fact that the cats seem ill tempered in harnesses/leashes.
  • Hello from Evans, Georgia!
    Yes. We have been fortunate on many occasions to be on the course during tournament week. Television does not do justice to its beauty.