• Drone film or Photo
    Just like Greg said, I love my drone but since it sounds like a whole squad of weed whackers I am very careful to not fly around others enjoying the quiet beauty of the outdoors. I do have a solution for beaches and parks. I mounted a go pro on a disk style egg timer, then to a plywood base with eye bolts at 4 corners. This gets suspended from a ring on my kite cord. Everybody loves seeing a kite fly, and they are allowed in more areas. The footage is not controllable like a drone but you do get good "B roll" stuff and nobody is offended!
  • RV Fresh Water Tank was Falling Out!
    Good on ya. So far I have found several places where rushed lazy construction has led to issues on my rig. It is frustrating and in your case potentially an accident on the highway.
  • RV Fresh Water Tank was Falling Out!
    Of course you verified the other end of the cross member was secure, right? The flex from the detached side puts stress on the good side, it may be best to replace all the screws.

    Looking forward to your great videos, Ray!
  • DIY RV Security Camera
    I bought the 7" version Haloview for our travel trailer but do not want to make any holes for the camera mount as we plan to trade up after this summer season. I am fashioning a ladder bracket and also bought the haloview battery pack to make it even simpler. $70 US is a bit steep but the battery case is watertight and comes with 12v and a usb 5v adapter for charging plus has a magnet mount for those that have metal available. Quality battery (10,000 mah/19 hour run time) and adapters help to make the price palatable. While at camp I will remove it from the ladder and place it in the kitchen window for a security camera. Ray, thanks for the review and ideas.