• Thermostat Upgrade
    I have a very small trailer & use a portable room AC unit & upgraded to -this- but it's just for the furnace. Huge improvement over the crappy OEM style with the spring in the back. Easy to install also - 3 wires I think.
  • Anyone have problems with low oxygen levels at elevations above 3000'?
    Thanks for the information & I'll speak with my Dr prior to my Fall / Winter travel plans.

    My first trip was in Sept - Oct 2018 & I left OR, met a friend in MN, went South & then West through NM before coming back to OR via CA. I drove 6650 miles in about 30 days, was in 14 States, burned 707 gallons of gas at a cost of $2087. The highest elevation was when I crossed the Continental Divide at approximately 9700' although I didn't spend any time there - not even stopping to take a picture.

    I left OR for AZ the day after Thanksgiving 2018 and took my Nephew's advice - "Just because the speed limit is 75 mph you don't have to drive that fast." Smart kid - I slowed down to 60 - 63 mph & my mileage averaged nearly 12 mpg which exceeded expectations. The trip included climbing the Siskiyou & Tehachapi summits (and a few others) twice and when my truck would to kick into a lower gear & the RPM jumped I'd fall in behind the big rigs for a while & take it easy.

    Without oxygen I can't even stay at Crater Lake in southern OR for very long because it's around 7000' so I'll get the oxygen & an adapter for my Bi-Pap and should be fine after that.
  • How to back up a trailer MADE SIMPLE
    I've always had a problem backing up trailers and the 2018 / 2019 Snowbird season was my first real test in doing so because I've avoided trailers like the plague.

    I have an F-150 Supercab with a 6.5' bed and a 12' long single axle trailer. With the tow vehicle being longer than the trailer things go wrong quickly and I although I have a backup camera on the trailer & can toggle the grid lines on / off it's still a real challenge. The only solution is the same way you get to play piano at Carnegie Hall - "Practice, practice, practice" but attempting to get your rig out of everyone's way quickly just amps up the stress level. I have extendable tow mirrors with convex mirrors on the lower section and they do help although I brought my trailer out of storage recently and backing into a triple wide driveway approximately 100' long still took about 6 - 8 attempts until I got it placed correctly. Adding to the add is that my house is situated right where the road curves in my subdivision so I'm unable to pull the entire combination straight & back right in. I'm sure my neighbors get either annoyed or amused at my antics and there have been times when I threw in the towel, drove around the block & parked it in front of the house while I waited for my frustration level to subside. The good news is I'm getting better at it.

    I swear my late brother used to get a kick out of me watching him back my 8' ATV trailer down a 500' long sloping driveway with a few tight curves in it when I lived in CT. Even though I had an Escape at the time it was still much longer than the trailer but he'd deposit everything right in front of my the garage door & always had a small grin as he watched me grimacing while muttering "Thank You." :smile:
  • Rotten Slide Out Floor Corner
    Hi Ray -

    I recommend after everything is together you spray the underside (at least) with Rhino Hyde or equivalent if possible. I bought an ATV trailer years ago & prior to fastening 3/4" plywood to the expanded metal deck I coated the bottom & edges of the plywood with RH & once it was in place I went over the top with two coats. The regular 3/4" plywood was less expensive than Marine Grade & the extra thick coat of RH stood up to my high pressure washer when cleaning very muddy ATVs.
  • Oxyegenics Fury Shower Head
    I have the regular Oxygenics shower head and moved the on/off valve to where the hose connects to the faucet so when I'm soaped up I don't have to fumble around for it. It also allows me to leave the head in the holder more often.
  • Full time RV insurance
    Within the past two weeks the Governor Texas Governor signed in excess of 200 laws and one is a complete ban of all photo cameras. When I lived in CT a private company set up cameras & split the extortion monies with the State. Just another reason I'm happy I don't live there anymore.
  • Full time RV insurance
    I had a speeding ticket in 1999, moved from CT to OR & got one in 2014 & another in 2018. Since they were more than 3 years apart I was able to pay the fines & take a $50 online course (twice) so they'll stay off my record. This one will show up & Geico keeps them on your record for six $%^&* years!
  • Full time RV insurance
    I just got a $165 speeding ticket from a pole mounted speed camera so my insurance will jump when I renew it in December. :sad:

    The entire highway, except for a short section with a red light & speed camera is 55 mph. I was doing 56 & discovered that little revenue generating section is 45 mph. Once you pass it the speed limit goes back to 55.
  • Hello from McMinnville, OR

    It's 17 cents/kwh plus a $2 reading fee and I spent $127.70 from Dec 5th - April 2. I spoke to residents with much Class A's & they said an $80 electric bill wasn't uncommon. I ran my fridge and microwave everyday but only used my A/C for a few hours the entire time I was there. With your solar setup your bill should be minimal.

    They have full hookup pull-thrus but they're normally only used for one or two nights. I have PP America and was only going to stay for 2 nights at $20 / night but after finding out a back in spot with a large patio & a parking space on the other side was only $250 I jumped on it. You get a mailbox and UPS/FedEx will deliver right to your door in you include the space number in your address. Clean showers (only used mine) decent size laundry room & it's $3 for a wash/dry load. Go in the middle of the week, first thing or last thing in the evening. Sat & Sun mid-days the laundry is usually busy.

    The well water is nasty (it's OK for showers) but they have a reverse osmosis machine at the clubhouse & you can fill containers for free. There's a brand new travel center right on I-8 & that butts against the park but it wasn't completed when I left and it'll be more convenient for propane vs a 25 mile r/t to the nearest town. Yuma is 40 miles West so double that for a grocery shopping trip. Trains run continuously about 1/3rd mile away but it's extremely (!) rare they blow their horn. If you're a real light sleep it might bother you but I got accustomed to it quickly.

    Monthly price will be $265 in 2019/2020 but it's a very nice park even if there isn't much shade. Mention my name & get 10% off the first month. I get squat.

    Tacna has a Chevron mini-mart & the gas was normally 20 - 25 cents less than the Chevron 12 miles away in a larger town. where it's currently $3.69. Cheapest regular in Yuma is currently $2.97 it's & $2.87 for diesel.

    It's currently 112 degrees at 1:30 today (12th) and if you'd like more info just cut & past the URL.

    I'll be there in mid-late November unless I get a temporary job with the US Census Bureau. It appears there'll be an office here in Mac & the initial online questionnaire routed me to a Supervisor application so if I have the chance I'll take the job. It's $17.50 / hr so that'd help me make even more mods to my truck and/or trailer.