• TPMS tire valve flex?
    I had TPMS sensors on rubber valve stems and was keeping a close eye on them to watch for any sign of problems. All looked well, but as we were sitting outside in a National Forest campground 40 miles from a town, I heard Psheeeew. It was the rubber valve stem splitting away from the tire in one dramatic second. Tire went instantly flat. It took quite a while to change to spare, find tire shop, and get us ready to travel again. Get metal stems while you are close to a tire shop.
  • Solar question
    My husband installed a solar set-up on our 2000 model Class C motorhome. We found that we need to turn off our solar panels when we are driving. We were driving down the road one day, and our battery light came on. Apparently, solar panels were overcharging the chassis battery. We turned off the solar panels, and the battery light went off immediately. We do not understand the exact issue that would cause this, but if anyone has an idea, we would love to hear your thoughts.
  • Tires
    We had a set of MasterTrak tires that were 3 years old when we had 2 blow outs within 3 days. We just bought a set of Goodyear Endurance. Our question is, "Do you run your E rated tires at a max pressure of 80 psi?" In the past, we ran them at 65 psi and wonder if this was a mistake. We thought that a lower pressure would make the ride less stiff and not hurt the tires, but could this have led to the sidewall failure?
  • Indian Bread Rocks and Hot Well Dunes - Arizona BLMs
    Thanks for discussion on the condition of the road.