• No Hot Water
    ...We think all the valves are open. We're wondering now if there may be sufficient calcium build up in the hot water hose to inhibit flow. The lady who owns the RV travelled extensively with it for several years, certainly enough time to cause significant calcium build up. Would running vinegar through the system much the same as cleaning a coffee maker do any good?
  • Flat spots on rv tires
    I've noticed portions of my tires that seem to have flat spots. The trailer is a 2017 and low mileage. This my explain what causes this.
  • Thunderbird RV Park, Campbell River BC
    No chainsaws! Aw, c'mon...that would totally ruin my vacation. I never leave home without my chainsaw.
  • Haloview Backup Camera
    Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, my picture is solid with little or no distortion. I'll treat this like I did with an old car I once owned, The check engine light would not go out regardless of what I did. I finally cut a small square of black tape and pasted it over the engine icon. Problem solved! Thanks, Ray and GeekGuy!