• Astoria Column & Fort Stevens State Park, Oregon
    I imagine you had to know when to stay home in the old days. Here's a picture of the bridge being built.

  • Astoria Column & Fort Stevens State Park, Oregon
    Great video Ray. We stayed in Fort Stevens on Memorial Day weekend and extended to ten days 2019. Love going there. The big bridge you came across from Washington to Oregon, I have pretty fond memories of. I first visited Astoria in 1964 with a bunch high school friends. The bridge didn't exist then. We took the Astoria–Megler ferry across from Astoria to Washington
  • Tripping south
    Moved from Dillon to Boise in 1961 just before they built the dam. Last time there was 2012.
  • Surge Guard
    That is very informative. I was actually shocked by the skin of my trailer about thirty years ago because of this problem in a trailer park where the hot and neutral were reversed. Luckily it wasn't raining that day.
  • Smart Plug