• Early Spring RV Visit to Scenic Twin Falls, Idaho
    Good info on the fair grounds camping. Pocatello has similar.
  • Handy Weather App for Highway Routes
    Thanks for the heads up on the weather app.
  • Dashcam Footage of Towing Cabbage Hill - 6% Curvy Downgrade I84 Westbound in Eastern Oregon'
    Great job of keeping your brakes cool. That little Jake Brake works nice.
  • Farewell Bend State Park Oregon
    That's a pretty area. On down the river is Brownlee Dam, 400 feet tall. You're sitting on the back waters where you're camped. In 1976-77 my wife and I lived down in front of the Brownlee Dam, in a 24ft camp trailer. That's where we spent our honey moon. I was part of the crew that put the fifth generator in the dam. The road across the river from you going to Steck Park is horrible. It's solid wash board. I won't pull my rv up that road. I used to race dune buggies in the dunes across from you. I live in Nampa Idaho now.
  • Rufus Landing Recreation Area on the Columbia River, Oregon
    Glad you're having fun on your way home.
  • Evel Knievel Snake River Canyon Jump Site
    I was there in the crowd to watch him blast off. I also was there two years before, for the Evel Knievel Moto-X. I raced my 501cc Maico in the open class. The construction crews were building that mound of dirt at the time in 1972.
  • Bluetti AC200P Giveaway! (2000W Portable LIFePO4 Power Station)
    I see that lightning struck nearby since I'm also in Nampa, Idaho. That's quite a surprise to hear about the winner.
  • Hello from Eastern Oregon!
    Nice to see you on the group. If you need any help just give a shout. I'm very near by in Nampa, ID.
  • Pacific Northwest Raptors
    Beautiful pictures Ray. Last time we were there was 2012 with our Granddaughter.
  • Was a Great Beagle and Best Friend
    I lost my 1st best friend in 1961, he was 16 years old. I still miss my little Border Collie. We have a new to us Border Collie named "Bobby". He loves to travel. And now that he has joined our family I no longer worry about sleeping with any of the windows open. No one can get close to the RV at night without him announcing himself. And trust me when I say, if he announces himself in the darkness it will send cold chills down your spine. Not sure how he does it but his bark in the darkness makes him sound much bigger.
  • Last day of the trip
    Glad you made it home safely.
  • Batteries Make Them Last
    Mine can be stored at -40 c to 50 c. Just don't charge them below 0 c. Bring them in and let them warm up to 10 c or above before you try to charge. Mine is the U27-12XP 138 AH. I have three of them in parallel for a total of 414 AH.
  • Batteries Make Them Last
    Here's a record of mine just sitting with no charging applied. They are Lithium Iron Magnesium Phosphate.
    Measurements provided by my BMV-712 and Fluke-87
    11-29-19 = 14.49 volts just topped off and resting.
    11-30-19 = 14.25
    12-01-19 = 14.07
    12-02-19 = 13.93
    12-03-19 = 13.83
    12-04-19 = 13.76
    12-05-19 = 13.71
    12-06-19 = 13.67
    12-07-19 = 13.64
    12-08-19 = 13.61
    12-09-19 = 13.59
    12-10-19 = 13.57
    12-11-19 = 13.56
    12-12-19 = 13.55
    12-13-19 = 13.54
    12-14-19 = 13.53
    12-15-19 = 13.52
    12-16-19 = 13.51
    12-17-19 = 13.50
    12-18-19 = 13.49
    12-19-19 = 13.48
    12-20-19 = 13.48
    12-21-19 = 13.47
    12-22-19 = 13.46
    12-23-19 = 13.46
    12-24-19 = 13.45
    12-25-19 = 13.44
    12-26-19 = 13.44
    12-27-19 = 13.43
    12-28-19 = 13.42
    12-29-19 = 13.42
    12-30-19 = 13.42
    12-31-19 = 13.42
    01-01-20 = 13.41
    01-02-20 = 13.41
    01-03-20 = 13.41
    01-04-20 = 13.40
    01-05-20 = 13.40
    01-06-20 = 13.40
    01-07-20 = 13.40
    01-08-20 = 13.39
    01-09-20 = 13.39
    01-10-20 = 13.39
    01-11-20 = 13.39
    01-12-20 = 13.39
    01-13-20 = 13.38
    01-14-20 = 13.38
    01-15-20 = 13.38
    01-16-20 = 13.38
    01-17-20 = 13.38
    01-18-20 = 13.38
    01-19-20 = 13.37
    01-20-20 = 13.37
    01-21-20 = 13.37
    01-22-20 = 13.37
    01-23-20 = 13.37
    01-24-20 = 13.37
    01-25-20 = 13.37
    01-26-20 = 13.37
    01-27-20 = 13.37
    01-28-20 = 13.37
    01-29-20 = 13.37
    01-30-20 = 13.37
    01-31-20 = 13.37
    02-01-20 = 13.365

    Battery manufacturer says nominal voltage of these batteries is 12.8 volts. So when I hit 12.8 volts I'll top them off again. But based on the data I have gathered that might be mid March or so.
  • Battery upgrade
    Hi Brian,

    I have upgraded from two 6 volt golf cart batteries to three of these ( Valence Lithium Battery U27-12XP | 12V 138AH 1.766 kWh ) . One battery weighs 21 lbs less than two golf cart batteries. and has 38AH more usable power. Three of them have 414AH usable power. I am going to add one more for a total 552AH. These are by far the best price out there for Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4). The company is very well known world wide. And has been building these batteries since 2005. You can mount these inside under your bed like us if you want. No need to vent them. Can mount in any position, upright, on their side, upside down. Nothing to spill or drain out. Very convenient. And the advantage to mounting under your bed is when boon docking in cold weather. You can keep the batteries about 32 F. And under 112 F in summer months.
  • After you flip your axle, your steps are too high.
    Hi Ray,

    One positive piece of info about your project. I did the exact same project of raising a 33 foot travel trailer I used to have in 1982.

    Most people don't know that the spindels welded on the ends of the axels have positive camber in them to make your tires set at the correct angle to lessen wear on your tires. And also reduce the drag on the towing angle. So when you flip the axels over you now have negative camber on your tires and wheels. You can actually see this if you go to one of the big alignment shops where you can get your trailer on the rack. Then they can show you when they measure the camber.

    The proper way to do the raising of your trailer, is to go to one of the businesses that sell axles the correct size for your trailer and buy a new set of saddles. I see your pretty handy with welding so this will be a piece of cake. Now position the new saddles 180 degrees around your axel from the original ones. Tack them on and double check the position. Once your satisfied with the positioning weld them on.

    Now disassemble the u-bolts from your spring packs. Roll your axle over 180 degrees so the original side is up. This fixes the camber problem. I assume the original spring position was under the axels. So now position the springs on top of your axel on your new saddles. And reassemble with your original u-bolts.

    Now you still have your the additional height with the proper camber so you won't be eating up your tires.

    I worked in the field for 45 years as a heavy equipment mechanic off of my own F-700 field truck. With 400 amp Lincoln diesel welder and all of the associated tools from 3 inches down. I did the explained procedure to my trailer in a mining camp named Stibnite Idaho at 6700 feet elevation. While my family was living in the trailer. I jacked it up and blocked it up on blocks and crawled under it and did all of the work on the side of a mountain.

    Best Regards,
    Jake Gier
  • Astoria Column & Fort Stevens State Park, Oregon
    I imagine you had to know when to stay home in the old days. Here's a picture of the bridge being built.

  • Astoria Column & Fort Stevens State Park, Oregon
    Great video Ray. We stayed in Fort Stevens on Memorial Day weekend and extended to ten days 2019. Love going there. The big bridge you came across from Washington to Oregon, I have pretty fond memories of. I first visited Astoria in 1964 with a bunch high school friends. The bridge didn't exist then. We took the Astoria–Megler ferry across from Astoria to Washington
  • Tripping south
    Moved from Dillon to Boise in 1961 just before they built the dam. Last time there was 2012.