• Frig needs fan
    I would remove the enclosure off the back of the refrigerator outside, then add a little food color to the white vinegar, then pour it down the drain hole.
    The food color will tell you where the water is draining too. I would make sure you don't get any on your siding, as it might stain fiberglass.That said, if you see the hole and there is no standing water in it, it is probably draining fine.
  • Deep Cycle Batteries
    Not trying to steal the thread, but if you use two 6 volt batteries in series (12v), wouldn't the amp hour rating for 12 volt be equal to the amp hour rating of one of the batteries?
    i.e. two 6 volt batteries with 225 AH rating in series, would be equal to a 225 AH 12 volt battery?
    Or am I missing the mark?
  • Cleaning and Waxing the Rig
    We must be on the same schedule. I just finished the truck, now waiting for a cool day to start on the fifth wheel.
  • Frig needs fan
    My hose empties into a catch inside the enclosure, yours may be similar.
    If you have dirt dauber screens on your refrigerator vents, make sure you keep those clean, especially where there is cottonwood trees.
  • Mobile Homestead Solar Services Heading East
    Smooth roads and following winds for your journey.
  • RV Power Awning Repair - faulty wire crimp
    I would surmise there is a master power supply to the awning from the remote via relays. It would be interesting to see the wiring diagrams for the set up.
    We have an "Pro Plus iN Command" system that runs our awnings, jacks, some lights, etc. It doesn't keep me up at night worrying if it will fail, but if it does, it will make life interesting, to say the least!
    I'd rather have switches for back ups to the system.
    Nice fix!
  • Thunderbird RV Park, Campbell River BC
    Wow, those are awesome shots!
    When will you guys head south again?
  • Utah camping
    Great video Logan. The fuel situation east on I-70 is similar, I believe there is an 80 mile stretch without fuel.
  • Folding electric bike
    Very nice!

    We are looking at replacing our mountain bikes with E-bikes. Great way to explore and get around the community. We probably won't be going the folding route though.
  • Getting Inexpensive Data while visiting Canada
    I understand, and the only other options are the international plans they provide, and they pretty much have the same limitations. No Bueno.
  • Our PEI Campsite
    We have a larger rig at 40ft. Do you think the campsites will be able to accommodate our rig?
  • Getting Inexpensive Data while visiting Canada
    I have the New Verizon Unlimited Plan, this is from their website:
    I travel to Mexico and Canada a lot, so can I use my phone like I do at home?
    Yes, with the Verizon Plan Unlimited you can make calls, send texts and use data within Mexico and Canada:
    Unlimited calls
    Unlimited messages
    0.5 GB/day of 4G LTE speed data (after that you have 2G speed data)
    If more than 50% of your talk, text or data usage in a 60–day period is in Canada or Mexico, use of those services in those countries may be removed or limited.
  • Jets
  • Our PEI Campsite
    Very nice! Love the setup.
    The Maritime Provinces are 2 - 3 years out for us, can't wait.
  • Awning cleaner
    I pretty much do the same thing, except since my awnings are so high,I spray the bleach solution on the outside edge and I use the remote to move the awning in a bit, then spray again (and wipe if using the protectant) ,repeat until finished.
  • Fixing front compartment on Our F/W to handle the weight of the Batteries.
    Great fix!

    We have a master welder living here who has offered to let me use his rig. Going to take him up on his offer and fix mine before it becomes a problem.
  • Shoe storage
    Perfect! We have "shoe shelves" in the front of the closet in our 5th wheel, which are the perfect size for small totes. Going to have to get one of those, so I have a place for shoes!

    I like how you have it off to the side in the closet to allow for easier access to the rest of your hanging clothes.

  • Sanitize water hose
    I pretty much do the same thing as Ray, but I use Clorox crystals so I don't have to carry a jug of bleach around.
    Make sure you don't get your mix too strong, or let it sit too long, it can get corrosive and damage your hose, etc. Been there, done that.