• Inverter power
    Thank you, Eddie. I believe you are right. I will leave things as they are right now. One day I will get with you and get you to tweak my solar system. Be sure and post if you travel East again, if so, I will find you.
  • Inverter power
    I will end this story here. Either my inverter is just a cheapo that doesn't work well enough, or the mini fridge uses more power than it seems. I tried using it with the truck alternator helping but it blew a 20 amp fuse I had inline. It then blew a 25 and then a thirty amp. That is when I gave up on using the fridge this way. I plugged my TV back in and it still works fine so that is where I will leave it. Thanks for the replies.
  • Inverter power
    Good thought, that will be my next project. I will hook up the truck and try it that way. Thanks.
  • Inverter power
    I use 4 gauge wires about three feet from the batteries to the inverter. I only use one item at a time when using the inverter, usually the TV or DVD and have never had a problem. All connections are tight and all battery cells check out good. The red lights are for the inverter overload. I am guessing this 400 watt inverter is just too small for the start-up as you said. I usually boondock and never use this fridge that is in my outdoor kitchen area but I have a month long trip planned where I stay several days in each campsite that has electric so I thought I would use the fridge and when travelling I would run it off the inverter. Each trip is 4 to 6 hrs apart. Rooftop solar would keep it charged while driving and keep fridge cold. I guess it is a bad idea or get a bigger inverter.
    And a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!
  • Lost Dutchman State Park, AZ
    It's still on my list of places to see.
  • Wow, Arizona is Green!
    Thanks for posting all these pictures. All I can do now is sit and watch what others are doing. I had planned on being in that area in January but I crushed a foot and broke an ankle In September and it is my accelerator foot so I just can't go yet. Someday soon!
  • 2019-20 Snowbird Trip Launches!
    As ol Willie would say, "On the road again" I love to watch your travels.
  • "Solar power on the "Mobile Homestead"!
    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  • Blanding, Utah
    I thought the Blanding area was very nice in 1970. There is an area outside of Blanding called Black Mesa that we test fired missiles from there to White Sands NM. I was the one wearing black boots and OD colored outfit! I plan on going back there next year on our long extended camping trip.