• Solar question
    Thanks I appreciate it.
  • Solar question
    I'm going to start wiring up my first solar system this morning and I had a question about whether people left their solar on even when they're not using the RV and how to wire that up in relation to a disconnect switch. Our trailer will be sitting on a remote property we own most of the time so I'd like to leave it on when we leave one weekend, and hopefully it would be charged up by the time we got back the next weekend.I will be using the Trimetric BMS.

    After watching the three videos of Eddie this morning it looks like he wired the solar controller directly to the fuse block before the Blue Sea battery he can shut off the whole trailer and still leave things charging. That's my current plan, just want to make sure it makes sense and is safe to leave the Trimetric hooked up year round even if we're not near the trailer.