• Like refrigerated slide outs
    Excellent...thank you!!!!!!
  • Like refrigerated slide outs

    THANK YOU...sounds like just what I need! :grin:
  • Insurance for Class A that will be stationary and used
    Thanks for the reply. I tried Foremost, owned by Farmers which insures my other home and my car, but they won't drop collision. Ended up with the best deal
    from Progressive, though I am uncertain whether I've opted for the best coverage, to keep the premium down. Here I am in a gated, secure community with many 'senior' owner occupied lots and 'they've' got me worried about an uninsured driver--what--crashing into my RV. And about the possibility of my motor home rejecting its' jacks and drifting onto the lot in front of me and crashing into their RV and/or car. I'm giving myself permission to let it rest until I need to renew in a year. :razz: