• 10 Year Anniversary for the Love Your RV blog
    Congratulations both of you on ten years! I’ve learned a lot from your blogs and videos. Thank you!!
  • Wide Long Load - Windmill Blade on Extended Semi Truck Trailer
    It amazes me how they are able to tow that! I’d be a nervous wreck. I did see one get stuck on a frontage road. A portion of I-10 at El Paso Texas had been closed due to an accident. All traffic had to exit onto the frontage road and then get back on at the next on-ramp. The driver had to go through a traffic light…well he bottomed out. Overhead, he had the traffic lights to deal with and the bottom of the long rig was digging into the road. It was a mess. Not sure how they did it but the driver and crew managed to get it out of there.
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Sunset at Belltown, South Carolina.

  • Cordless Drill Recommendation
    Over the years I’ve bought several brands but the decisions were made based on need. Well, also on how much could I afford. I’m currently switching over to Dewalt but have had Craftman as well.

    One that you might be interested in is the inexpensive Black & Decker “Matrix,”. It’s a 20v drill that allows you to switch out the drill head to an impact drill head. It also allows you to switch the heads to a small circular saw, jigsaw, sander…. Most people don’t go toward the Black & Decker” brand but as mentioned, it is inexpensive. Now, if I were a mechanic or construction worker I would go with the higher-end brands. If you’re just looking for something to get you by, this could be an option.

  • Finally Headed South Again Fall 2021
    Ray, you sound like a kid in a candy store!! I’m glad you guys are back.
  • Roof Repair/Reseal
    Thank you all for the great information. I did check into the RV Armor. Sounds like a good way to go but the cost was going to be just over $4K. I’m sure that in the long run it would pay for itself and I may still do it in the future but for now, I went with the Dicor. The gentleman removed the old and replaced everything up on the roof for $300. Temperatures at the time he did it were in the mid 80s.

    Again, thank you all for your help and input!
  • Replacing Trailer Tires
    Thank you all for the great information! Really appreciate it.

  • Dometic AC Issue
    Hello all,
    Just another update on the above mentioned issue. So Keystone told the local authorized service company that my AC’s gateway was NOT part of the recall/service. They suggested updating the software on the iN-Command monitor and that it may resolve the issue. So I went to the iN-Command website ( downloaded the latest software (mine was several versions too old). Took the thumb drive to the monitor and loaded it. iN-Command has very good instructions on how to do all this. Anyway, the temps have not been high so I don’t know yet if the software update corrected the problem. Have to wait for it to get hot around here. However, the update did create a new issue: I can no longer connect to it via Bluetooth to any devices. Anyway, iN-Command instructed me to send the monitor to them so they can test it. If there is an actual defect they will replace it and if not, they will return it as is. Not functions properly.

    Sorry for the long update but I thought it might help out some.

  • Huge Thunderstorm Downpour followed by a Gorgeous Double Rainbow Ocean Scene - Vancouver Island, BC
    Wow. It was coming down hard! Beautiful video footage. Any issues with the awning?

  • Dometic AC Issue
    Just an update and answers to some questions. I did have the SoftStart installed however, the ac issues were happening before the SoftStart was installed AND continued after the installation. Ray provided some very helpful information above. I provided that information to my local/authorized Keystone Service dealer. They were not aware of the issues occurring with some ACs. So, they asked if I could take my TT to their location so they could get some numbers off of the “gateway” installed on the AC. They had a list of the affected AC gateways. Mine was NOT on the list. They said it was off by one number. So they are going to contact Keystone to see if the one I have is eligible for replacement.

    I suggest downloading the link Ray provided and contact an authorized service dealer for your TT’s AC.

    I’ll let you know what they say about getting it replaced.

    Thanks again Ray.

  • Dometic AC Issue
    thanks Ray. I’ll check with the local authorized Keystone Service company to see if they are aware of this and hopefully they can repair/replace the affected parts.
  • Installing the Solid Step RV Entrance Stairs
    Thanks Ray. Really appreciate it.

  • Installing the Solid Step RV Entrance Stairs
    Hi ray. Just saw your video on the strut installation for the solid steps. I was wondering if you could pass on the dimensions? The width and depth of the brackets. The reason is in my cougar trailer, my fridge is immediately to the left of the entry way. I’m trying to determine if the strut would fit. I thought maybe I could install it on the other side of the stairs but I have a built-in cabinet there.


  • Installing the Solid Step RV Entrance Stairs
    I’ve got a question concerning the steps. On several YouTube videos I had seen that during installation there was a need to to trim the threshold. (I’m not sure if it was for the Moryde or Solid Step). Did you have to make any adjustments to the threshold or steps to get it to fit properly?

  • Trailer Leveling
    I have a question concerning leveling as well. On a recent trip, I used the “LEGO” blocks on the side that was low. It was lower by about three or four inches. Using the auto level would have lifted the tires off the ground completely. Hence the blocks. I then used The same number of blocks under the auto level legs(?) as they came down just to keep things equal on that whole side. Your thoughts on this please. Was the use of blocks under the legs necessary on my part?

    Thank you in advance,

  • Tow Vehicle Hitch Setup
    Thanks Jetlag. Turns out I’m in the same situation as you. I’m using an adapter for now but first chance I get I’ll be changing out the shank. Thanks again.
  • Trailer Breakaway Switch
    Ah. Thank you both!

  • Water Heater Anode Rod Question
    Thanks Popps. I just got the magnesium anode rod today. I’ll be ordering an aluminum rod as a backup.