• Renogy DC-DC 40 Amp Charger Install and Demo
    So I am on the fence. I either want one of the Renogy 20 amp versions of what Ray installed or a Battery Doc isolater. I think I like the multi phase charging that Renogy uses how ever in reading over their manual I have noticed they do not want you to use the chassis as the ground. This will add another $20 or so onto the cost. My old motorhome is 20 years old so there isn't a lot of useful life left. I do need to do something as the engine does not charge the house battery while driving. I spent 5 months moving around AZ this past winter and loved it. I like to move around often so this will help. Any insight on this is greatly appreciated. By the way I only have 1 group 27 wet deep cycle to keep charged.
  • BB2 Hits the Beach!
    Looks like a nice place to spend the night. Mike
  • 2019-20 Snowbird Trip Launches!
    Welcome back to the USA! Nice pictures. Have a safe trip south. I am currently in Benson AZ enjoying the beautiful fall weather! Mike
  • Wishing we were heading south
    I have finally escaped Michigan! Currently in Benson AZ. I pulled in a couple days ago and got a spot next to a real nice couple, when I asked if they were staying for the winter. They were on there way back to BC! I asked why and they told me they were only going to stay for the Holidays and then had an exit plan.
  • Vancouver Island Views
    Wow that water looks smooth! Definitely a CAVU day. Mike
  • Seagull Beggar
    We call them "dumpster chickens "up here in Michigan.