• 10 Year Anniversary for the Love Your RV blog
    Congratulation Ray and Ann!
    Love your informative and beautiful pictures and videos of the many places on Vancouver Island, our backyard, and places I've never seen or in some cases heard of. Your travels south of the border are great resources I'm looking into now that I'm retired. I too refer many RV friends to your blog and youtube for fixes to their Rv problems or concerns. Thanks for taking the time to show and explain in your calm soothing manner. :clap: :up:
  • Dicor rubber roof project
    Thanks, Ray for the conversion of photos.
    Great job Richard.
  • French Beach Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, BC
    Looking back at my notes of our visits to French Beach in 2018 we were in your spot #35 definitely more open now. 2019 we were in # 12 had morning and afternoon sun.
    Thanks for the update.
  • French Beach Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, BC
    French Beach is a nice place, been there a few times. We found most sites are not too good for solar. What site are you in? Looks nice and open, maybe the Parks have had to remove damaged and fallen trees due to the climate stresses in the past few years. Enjoy!
  • Rathtrevor Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, BC
    Hi Ray & Anne,
    Those new sites sure are open.
    It's amazing that BC Parks can take up that amount of beach parking for Rv spaces now.
    I can remember back in the day when my family would go to the beach there, we had to arrive well before noon to get a parking spot and picnic table. All those parking lots would fill up!
    Welcome back to the Island, look forward to more of your Island travels and great video content.
  • 30 Amp RV Power Transfer Switch Installation
    Yikes ! broken propane line, that's not good. Hope your able to figure out how that happened.Many years ago my parents borrowed my 5th wheel and had a tire blowout near Yuma. The tow truck driver said that from the damage it caused it was lucky they did not have the fridge running on propane as it ripped up the underbelly right next to the copper line. I got a nice new set of tires out of that one :)
    I learned a very important lesson from my Father's experience !
  • Resealing the Rear Corner Bead or the Trailer
    Great Video Ray,
    This answers many of my questions about how I'm going to tackle the corner beads on my TT
  • Removing and Resealing Small RV Slide Out Window
    Another great video Ray !
    Looking forward to your video on the corner moldings, The sealant on mine TT is looking like it has pulled away from the molding, wondering if the seal under the molding is compromised or I just need a new bead of sealant. What do you use to remove the old sealant ? Stay cool an hydrated in this HEAT !
  • Wet Bay Mod and Filter Add
    Very nice ans neat set up !
  • Alaska
    Thanks for your insights Jack,
    We have been thinking about Alaska too, now with the pent up demand to get out on the road from the Covid lock down I think it is going to be a very busy season up the Alaska highway for the next few years ! I think I will wait till I'm retired 2024 !
  • Low Tide on the Estuary
    Ray and Anne
    Your great promoters for our Beautiful British Columbia, Love the places you find in our backyard I never heard of. Keep up the great work with you wonderful videos and pictures !
  • Trim Material Recommendation
    When we had our Tracer TT in for a new roof, I noticed a similar problem. Our trailer has the front fiberglass cap. So when the roof trim was removed at the top, the repair shop replaced the left and right corner aluminum trim with wider ones that covered the exposed edge of the fiberglass. Great problem solved :) So there are larger trim pieces out there. Good luck with your fix.
  • Afternoon Clouds & Tide Rolling in Time Lapse
    Beautiful soothing video :)
  • Squealing RV Water Heater Fix - Failed Check Valve
    We have a TT we were finding the hot water was migrating down the cold line and when we turned on the ball valve to rinse off we were scalded ! So we added a one way check valve to the shower cold side, with a ball shutoff between the tap and shower head. This saves on wasting water and no scalding when turning shower on to rinse off. Hope this helps.
  • Here is an easy mod/upgrade.
    Terry, nice upgrade.
    How do you winterize ?
    When you drain your supply lines does the tank drain too ?
  • My Quick RV Waste Tank Dumping Setup
    That Wast Master hose system looks like a robust set up.
    Do many of the dump sites have water for back flushing the black tank ?
    I try to flush my black tank at least twice after dumping, just worried about not getting the tank clean and not getting a true read on my tank monitor as to what the state of my tanks are at.
    Thanks for the great videos !