• squeaky furnace fan
    He travels, but is in eastern Arizona now. Send him a message @Eddie Aileen
  • squeaky furnace fan
    I know a guy who had a heating & cooling business who now works on RVs. He might be able to help, can't hurt to contact him and ask. @Eddie Aileen
  • Mundane full time RVer chores day
    We can only make it 2 weeks between visits. I think we need deeper drawers to hold our drawers! :blush:
  • RV Surge Protectors
    This is the one @Eddie Aileen installed for us. It's the Progressive Industries Hardwired 50A . I wish I had bought the remote display. I could not figure out a convient place to install it, but @Eddie Aileen came up with a solution. We are still boondocking on the mesa just out of St. Johns, AZ and haven't got to put it to use yet. We carried it around with us all over, in many campgrounds without it being installed. So glad we didn't have any electrical problems. Definately "living on the edge" as far as electrical protection was concerned, but we're set up now.
  • Solar anybody

    Thanks Eddie!
  • Happy Campers!
    Yes, very happy with our solar install. Best part is meeting Eddie, Aileen, Laura, Kim and Jesse in person. If anyone needs solar work done, or most anything done to their RV, Eddie is the guy to "get 'er done"
  • Solar anybody
    We are getting our solar installed this week. Been hauling 3x 165watt panels around and finally met up with Eddie Aileen. We are looking forward to giving the generator a rest when boondocking, it has been working hard, but doing a good job.
    Silence will be golden!
  • Our long time travel companions
    My family had a schnauzer when I was growing up. I will never forget him. Schnauzers seem to be protective and possessive and have such attitudes. Definitely my favorite breed. Yours are beautiful.
  • Winslow snow
    This is called McHood Park, operated by the city of Winslow. In the warmer months, the restroom with flush toilets is open. There are dumpsters, but no other amenities. It is probably the best free campground we've been in so far, highly reccomend it. 34.971761, -110.643132
  • Southern Arizona Snow Day! - Chiricahua National Monument
    @VW's-Travels we were there on Feb 7th. It was great weather then, shirt sleeve temps. What a change now.