• Basement RV Storage Door Catch Upgrade
    Thank you! I enjoyed the posts and the videos. I definitely wanted to visit the area and your posts reinforced that idea.
  • Question about electrical breakers in our 1999 national coach
    Quite honestly, no one is going to answer that. And if the breakers aren’t labeled, you’re kind of left with turning all the breakers off then test turning then on one at a time. They make inductive, non-contact AC voltage testers that are relatively cheap (~$10) that you just need to hold near the water heater wiring. As soon as you flip the correct breaker, it will light up the tester. Follow this process throughout the RV and you can label your breakers and your outlets.
  • California Desert to the Oregon Coast
    We stayed at the Olive Pit about a week and a half ago. Nice and quiet even though it was sort of “in town”.
  • Great Check List for Nubees for arrival and departure
    “To Wander Freely” has a series of three videos on YouTube on steps before leaving and after arriving with their 5th wheel.
  • First time RV'ers
    Take short trips first until you are comfortable with how things work and to make sure they work for you...
  • Generators vs. Solar
    “Video taped”? What’s that… ;-)
  • California is Green!
    I went by Shasta Lake and it was only 15’ from being completely full. I don’t ever remember the water being that high...
  • Auxiliary Diesel Transfer Tank
    You can say that again! I don’t know why people put up with the outrageous taxes...
  • Traveling West across Arizona into California
    We thought about staying at Peggy Sue’s Diner a few days ago but ended up continuing on to Bakersfield.
  • Auxiliary Diesel Transfer Tank
    I ran into this a couple of years ago when I was shopping around for a transfer tank. It seems that in some states (and Canada) gravity and siphon systems from a transfer tank to the main fuel tank are probably illegal but people do it anyway. Or so say the manufacturers of transfer tanks...
  • 5th Wheel King Pin LOCK???
    I have a similar lock but I rarely use it when boondocking. More often when the RV is in storage.
  • What do I need to add/include/rmember....
    You may have heard this from others but don’t just take off on a long trip with a new or new-to-you RV. Try a couple of short trips even in your own driveway to make sure everything works and you know how to use them.
  • 10 Little Love Your RV Tips and Tricks
    I love the stick idea. Pretty simple solution and a great tip!
  • What is your rig height?
    I’m 13’1” on my Cedar Creek fifth wheel. I’ve gone under a railroad trestle in OR that was listed at 13’6” in one direction and 13’4” in the other without touching. The last time, I taped two popsicle sticks to the A/C shroud one at 13’6” and the other at 13’8”. The longer one was missing so pretty close. Was kind of nervous the first time through there. A friend who lived near the trestle mentioned that when the pavement was redone, they spent some effort maintaining the same clearance.
  • Mike and Lesia
    Fully committed! Enjoy your travels..
  • Kitty travel companions
    Looks like she’s daring you to put in an RV....
  • Generator carry on receiver hitch
    I don’t think weight would be an issue but the rear of any trailer really bounces a lot. Look at how far it is behind the trailer axles. Just something to be aware of. I use one of those hitch mounted cargo carriers on the back of our fifth wheel and use it to carry my bicycle and the RV cover (in a huge bag). I carry the generator in the truck bed as there is more reserve carrying capacity on the truck than on the trailer. Especially that far back. As far as handling, the generator isn’t that heavy but if you’ve weighed your rig and know what the pin weight is, you can probably decide if adding weight on the back is okay or a bad idea. Without that information, it would be hard to say.
  • Ladder + Antenna = PITA?
    Between the roof vents, the solar panels, and the rack, there are probably upwards of 75 holes in the roof. I have more confidence in myself to seal the holes than any RV manufacture or even many RV techs who don’t have to live with it. But to avoid running a cable through the roof, you are pretty much limited to the refrigerator roof vent. I’ve seen some run cables through the slide seals but to me, that’s just asking for trouble. I’m looking forward to see what you decide to do. We are still trying to decide if we need a cell booster.
  • Harvest Hosts
    There are air museums within Harvest Hosts. Though the parking is in their parking lots and not on the ramp.
  • Solar anybody
    Hey a fellow ham. Though I don’t have an HF on the RV. Still looking at antennae options.