• Black clip on propane orifice
    If that opening is the air intake for the burner flame, it almost looks as though there is a slider missing, used to fine tune the air-fuel mixture. The black tab may be used to add friction to the slider to keep it in position. I don't have that model, but having seen others, yours seems to missing the adjustable part of the burner set-up.
    Just a thought.
  • Slide in Fifth wheel basement
    I used 2 x 4 lumber across the cargo bay as "sleepers" under my tray. :I was able to screw them down with multiple stainless screws that just made it through the floor material, but not into anything hiding under it. The cargo tray was then mounted with s/s bolts and washers through the 2 x 4 sleepers. The sleepers also raised the tray just high enough to come through the cargo bay door (both sides). There is actually a bit of room between the underside of the tray and the floor to stow some really slim but rarely-needed items. We have a 2012 Montana
  • Cordless Drill Recommendation
    I am with Nitehawk on the Rigid brand. The lifetime battery warranty is only on the batteries that come with a tool, not on their batteries purchased standalone. Weird. Anyway, my son has already collected on his battery warranty at the local Home Depot, with no hassle.
    The advantage of the Rigid battery warranty is that cordless tool batteries eventually fail, the timeframe being mainly dependent on the number of times they have been recharged, and of course the original build quality.
  • Product catalogs
    This is bound to be a great resource for those of us needing sources other than the local D.I.Y. stores and the local RV parts departments. Thanks for posting this list with links. Some of these firms are new to me, and I am sure to others, especially we dwellers north of the 49 th parallel.
  • Drippy water tank
    In my experience, just releasing a bit of hot water from the tank is enough to clean off the valve seat. Simply lift the lever a bit (it is spring-loaded), and let out some water. It's hot, so be careful. For safety's sake, turn off the electric heater element while you do this, to be sure the element doesn't get exposed if the tank level got too low. The dripping should clear up right away, but if not, try it one more time. If that doesn't work, it may be time for another pressure-temperature valve.
  • pickup running lights and trailer
    I like the Canadian regs regarding day time running lights, and as a licensed motorcycle rider, appreciate being visible to some of the clowns out there who "didn't see" the high profile, large trailer pushing a white pick up down the road. I now turn on my lights fully when towing, just to be sure the blind drivers recognize they are seeing two vehicles coming toward them. "Whatever it takes" is my towing motto.
  • Shifter Transmission Cable Failure - Ram 2018 3500
    At least you were not towing, which is another level of hassle when the truck decides to hiccup !
  • 12 Volt Refrigerators
    We have an older 45 quart Engel, and it draws about 7 amps when running. It is super reliable and has been in intermittent use since 2005 ! Their newer models are no doubt more efficient, and more varied in the design. I highly recommend the brand, especially after observing many off-brand reviews on YouTube !
  • Roadside Assistance
    I have been looking at the roadside assistance packages and Coach-Net is the most expensive for us, as fellow Canadians. We had to use Coach-Net to tow our diesel truck to Victoria, and unfortunately Coach-Net did not have a contract with one of the best towing outfit on the lower Island, so we ended up with a local firm. My suggestion is to check with your favorite towing firms to see if they have contracts with the roadside assistance plan providers, and even ask how that relationship is working. Some tow truck drivers will give you their opinion and/experience with dealing with the roadside assistance dispatchers, and not all are equal in their experience. This can make a difference when the tow truck operator arrives at your vehicle to get you going. We have had operators tell us they are only earning $ 20 for this job (changing a tire) or $ 50 for a 60 mile tow. Unhappy operators can result in an unpleasant roadside experience !
  • Puzzler on our Furnace
    Any chance the flame sensor thermocouple (assuming there is one) is the culprit ? In our first rig, those triggered all kinds of troubleshooting. i finally just swapped it out, and the safety valve did its thing properly, and the 3 minute cycling stopped. It didn't actually make sense, because in theory the safety valve should not have opened if the thermocouple was faulty, but it corrected the problem.
    Not being an electronics guy like Ray, I could only assume the electrical properties of of the flame sensor (thermocouple) changed improperly with a constant flame on the thermocouple. Anyway, might be worth a try.
  • Berkey water filters?
    We shopped for a Berkey and then found a less expensive gravity water filtering system offered by Rain Fresh, a Canadian company. They only make one size, the SM4. For my wife and I, it has been the right size, excellent quality, and good customer support. One trick we learned was to swap out the 3/4" flat hose washers for 3/4" O-rings, where the spigot attaches to the lower container. Check out their site
  • Tire Monitoring System
    Has anyone used the TMS sensors that go inside the tire, instead of the externally-mounted versions ?
    In reading about the external types, I am quite nervous about shortcomings expressed by experienced RV users.
    Any thoughts ? Anyone in LYRV-land who has tried both, or gone straight to the internal type ?
  • Buttle Lake Campground in Strathcona Provincial Park, BC
    I hope you got in and out before the nasty storm and rain hit the area !
  • Outland Fire Bowl Demo and Review
    We upgraded from the original Yukon Campfire to one of the deluxe Outland Fire Bowls, and found they can operate at the lowest setting and still produce a really nice flame, while being much more fuel efficient than the old ones. Our Outland produces a lot more heat on the lowest setting than our original, so it is more wallet friendly, along with more convenient to use and carry in the RV. I think this is one of those rare cases where the knock-offs are improvements on the old, and cheaper too !
  • Portable AC-DC Fridge/Freezer Review
    We spent the money on an Engel, with an additional removable top compartment in 2005, and it is still going strong. It's so old, they don't make our model any more ! It will run as a fridge, freezer, or both, with the upper compartment installed and a layer of cardboard (their recommendation) separating the two sections. It draws little power, runs on 12 VDC or 120 V AC, and is heavy but rugged. I strongly recommend the Engel brand, if you are looking for longevity and reliability.
  • Popup canopies or shelters
    We purchased a pentagon-shaped "Clam" model through Amazon that works well, has a really fine bug screen, and seems to manage well in typical campground winds. It wasn't exactly Wal-Mart cheap, but appears well made and should last us a long time. All the poles are embedded within the structure, so nothing to go astray and it folds up into a bag about 5' long and 8 - 10" in diameter. Goes in the basement easily.