• original backup camera showing "No Signal" on RV display
    thanks Ray, I did test the 2 wires that run the electricity part, they can still power the Haloview fine so I know those 2 are fine. I still have to check for fuses and maybe I'll try swapping the sound and video ones or testing the independently. Annoying issue, i want to have both cameras works.

  • Living on "High" when the temp is low!!!!
    Awww, that was before my Glacier Nation Park accident, my rig looks almost new! Thanks Eddie.
  • Berkey water filters?
    I use 4 filters before water gets into my clean water tank, then I use 2 Brita pitchers and drink from the 2nd one. Water is GREAT and I don't have to find the space for a Berkey.

  • Living on "High" when the temp is low!!!!
    Nice job on the video Eddie! Loved the spray-foam insulation.

  • Water tank with long stays
    That's the answer I was looking for, thanks Ray.
  • Water tank with long stays
    All good ideas, no one has said to left it empty like it is now. Is that a bad idea? oh by the way I have more than enough weight for stability so that's not an issue.
  • Kitchen faucet upgrade
    Nice! I'd love to upgrade mine to that model. Nice job.
  • Outland Fire Bowl Demo and Review
    I have one of these and am finally heading to a place where I can use it in the morning and evenings. Nice choice!
  • Was a Great Beagle and Best Friend
    Awww, Angelina Begalina. I wonder who's in charge since she's passed?
  • Norcold frig not getting cold
    Well I'm hesitant to say this but I think the refrigerator is fixed, I just wanted to give everyone an update. I replaced the thermistor inside the refrigerator and then I realized the outside fan used for cooling apparently has died! I had added an auxiliary fan to the top vent but but I must have hooked it to something that's not DC because when I switch from electric to gas the fan shuts off and I have to restart it or turn it on again. I think if I can find a DC always on the auxiliary fan will do what I need it to do and keep the refrigerator coils cool. I still have an appointment with an RV dealer to look at the refrigerator but I guess I'll just have them replace the original fan hopefully with something that will last more than two and a half years!. Thanks for all the feedback on this it was helpful.
  • Can I tow a jeep?
    no worries on that, I didn't even know there was a JK or a JL type! That's why I posted here this is a friendly forum and everyone gives helpful advice.
  • Can I tow a jeep?
    please don't think you're Insulting me at all! I am currently flat towing a small Chevy and I'm just looking to trade it in for a Jeep.
  • Can I tow a jeep?
    Thanks Bill, good link for helping me understand. I've done the CAT scales before I got solar installed, I guess I need to start there.
  • How to Install A MaxxAir Fan…. With No Hole to install it!?!?!?!
    Oh, how cute is my RV? :grin: And that was before I had the big accident to the rear passenger side of my RV. Getting it fixed this winter in AZ. Keep in touch if you come back to AZ, would love to see the gang! Lisa
  • EZ Snap RV Winter Skirting Installation
    Very nice job, glad you showed the finished project. Anxious to see how it work this winter. Eventually I'll be moving back to Maryland and will need this on my class A I'm sure.
  • Folding electric bike
    i'm sorry I don't believe I ever noticed this reply (have since figured out how to have replies sent to my email). YES the Lectric ebike does fold and fit into the back of my RV. Did you ever get a 27N? Lisa a9wkrepjkiu2mi88.jpg
  • Beautiful BC
    Oh I just found this post, so beautiful! You do have a nice spot, I hope it's not too cold this winter. Lisa
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Too bad, my brother is in that too. Be careful! I've been praying for rain for y'all.
  • How to Install A MaxxAir Fan…. With No Hole to install it!?!?!?!
    Nice job Eddie! You mean I could have gotten you to do more than just install my solar system, clean up the wiring, and install an A/C "slow start?" :lol: Tell Aileen and Laura I said hi! Lisa
  • Afternoon Clouds & Tide Rolling in Time Lapse
    ok thanks. Wow, Corel, I haven't heard that since the days of Word Perfect! :grin: