• Snowbird Mesa, Nevada
    We are in in western Colorado and have had four days of snow. Our Cameo is waiting anxiously for warmer weather.4otrbwqfrhf3hqc4.jpg
  • Resealing the Rear Corner Bead or the Trailer

    I have a 2002 Carriage Cameo LXI that I have tried various caulks to seal cracks - most have a silicone component and they always attract a lot of dirt and seem to stay sticky. Does this Alpha caulk product dry to touch and not get dirty? I also am having an issue with several of my windows with the rubber seal on the outside of window shrinking and developing gaps at the ends and near the window. The individual panes in the windows are dropping in the frame (appears to be a glass mount double sided tape that is failing) so the rubber seal is unable to bridge the gap at the top of frame. Have you had any similar issues or have any suggestions?
  • Kitchen Grey tank
    We are only out for a week at a time but I have found even if the campground we are stay has a dump, we come home and dump at our public dump station along the interstate. The trip home and nearly full tanks seems to grind up and clean things so we have had good luck with Sea Level sensors and Happy Camper each dump.
  • 12 Volt Refrigerators
    The two differences in the upgrade and the ready built Everchill are cost and size. Our fridge maintained the original look and size with much quicker cooling at a little over $800 with 3 year warranty - compared to $1300 to $1400 and an extra 2.7 cuft for Everchill. The upgrade does require more user involvement or payed labor to install. We are not full timers and typically stay for a week at a time in a site before returning home - so the 8 cuft capacity has been all we need.
  • 12 Volt Refrigerators
    I updated our 2002 Norcold 8cuft with the Jc Refrigeration/ DutchAire Hvac upgrade. This involves removing the old absorption system and replace with either a 120 volt or 12 volt compressor system. It uses about 100 watts when running and there is little or no changes needed to cabinets. It is Amish company and they do good work and have excellent customer service. I had an issue with first compressor producing a thumping noise and after troubleshooting - they ended up sending me a new replacement unit at no charge and did not have to send back original loud unit.
  • Bogart charging LiFePo

    Just a quick update to the roller coaster charging amps. Today after several cloudy snowy days i went to check on the solar and I was seeing the same roller coaster charging again. The battery was only down by 10 amps and the SC-2030 was in absorb mode. What I did to remedy was to raise the P8 parameter to 19.0 volts - then SC-2030 stayed in bulk mode and was charging at steady 18 amps. I am going to send email to Bogart to ask when system goes to absorb mode, why it does roller coaster charging in absorb, and why the max volts would have any affect on when system goes into absorb mode. I will update with any info I get back.
    I agree that Ray's website and videos are an excellent source of tried and true RV info and reviews. Thanks Ray
  • Bogart charging LiFePo

    Even after draining the battery down by 65 amps I still was getting the roller coaster charging amps. I sent a quick email to Bogart and they called me back within an hour and had me change the P1 and P8. He said that the charging volts and the max volts have to be further apart so that the system doesn't perform like what I was seeing. He said the system was hitting max volts for an instant causing the decrease in amps - then system would see lower volts and send max amps again in cyclic manner. So now I have 14.4 P1 and 15.0 P8 and the charging amps are a steady high level.

    The front range, Denver area, is prepping for possible "bomb cyclone" of up to 50 to 60 inches of snow between Friday and Sunday. Here on the western slope we are only expecting 6-12 inches so probably will not see whole lot of solar charging in next few days.
  • Bogart charging LiFePo
    The wife has had both her shots and I get my second next Friday. Things are opening up more as more high risk age groups, front line workers, and people with compromising conditions get their shots.
  • Bogart charging LiFePo

    Thanks for the suggestions. What I did was left the Intellipower converter in boost mode and now the voltage is 14.6 and a steady zero amps into battery. I forced the SOC charge reading to 100 and will disconnect solar for a few days to bring down the battery then reconnect solar to see if the roller coaster amps into battery is gone. I have had everything disconnected and batteries in garage over the winter so this is the first connection for several months. My settings differ as below:
    P1 14.4
    P7 L3
    P8 14.6
    P13 11.2
    P14 0.3
    P15 12.8
    P16 10.0
    Not sure if those differences would cause the up and down amps, but if what I outlined above does not work I will reset to your settings.
    Thanks again - we are getting a nice stretch of warm days - gets the RV juices flowing again. Any idea when or if you will head south this year?
  • A Look at My New Country Smokers Portable Pellet Grill
    My lid temp gauge matches the digital read out fairly closely once the grill has settled into temp. I also put a meat temp probe on the grill next to the burgers, at suggestion of manufacturer - it ran 5-10 degrees lower than the grill digital read out.
    My pellets are from a brand new bag and I live in Colorado with low humidity and we have had no rain or snow in the last couple of weeks where I live - so the pellets are in good shape

    The felt seal around lid seems to make contact all the way around when latched.

    One thing I can pass onto to you is the wool moving blanket I placed on top of grill did seem to help hold heat in as pellet usage went down. I folded the blanket so that it fit over the top, keeping it away from the back to allow smoke and heat out the rear vents. The lid temp gauge ran about 100 degrees warmer went the blanket was on the top.
    I will be interested in what you find out on your next cook. I have a few tenderloins in the freezer too - what meat temp do you pull yours off?
  • A Look at My New Country Smokers Portable Pellet Grill
    After watching your review of this pellet grill I bought one as it fit what I wanted - not too big and expensive and a way to get into the pellet smoking method. But I am having an issue with mine that manufacturer has not been able to help with as of yet. Both times I cooked were at 225F, but the grill only maintains about 200F or slightly less. I did a 3 hour cook with country style pork ribs and second cook was 1 hour cook with hamburgers. Has your grill had any issues with holding temps at any of the settings?

    I tried covering grill with wool blanket as temps are in 40s and I tried turning up to 250F thinking cool weather was reason for issue. The blanket helped a little and the 250F setting ran at 250F. The manufacturer suggested I try adjusting the "P" setting to lower number - thus decrease time between auger runs. With grill temp set at 225F - the 3 "P" setting helped a little and the 2 setting ran at 240-245F.

    Thanks for any input.