• Cart a Rhino dump tank without a ball hitch?
    Do you have a hatchback or small sedan? Either way, I would tie a rope to the Blue Boy handle, open your hatch or trunk and insert the rope with a loop tied to it. Shut the hatch/trunk where the latching mechanism is. Make sure the rope is just long enough to keep the BB handle upright.
  • 25000 Mile Ram Truck Update - New Cooper Tires & DEF Question?
    I have been using Walmart Def at $6.99 for the standard 2.5-gallon container in my DP for three-plus years now. A far as freshness goes, WM turns over inventory so fast you know their brand Def is going to be fresh. At one time Walmart Everstart Batteries were rated the best batteries to buy because they were the "freshest" batteries on the shelves.

    If the OP would check out some other forums like iRV2 or ForestRiver there is some pretty extensive conversations on Def bought at Walmart and other locations.
  • Boondocking Power Upgrade - Adding Separate 500W Solar Ground Panel Array
    Ray, that makes a lot of sense then both labor-wise and the financial hit.

    Great job and a great post for those energetic enough to build ultimate boondocking solar!

    Seeing that I live in the more gloomy Northeast we don't get the multitude of sunny boondocking opportunities like our Western friends get to enjoy. Reading this thread and the like on other forums intrigues me on the freedom that a great solar package can give a camper, but our current camping style and location makes the investment into solar impractical. Ahhh, to be in my 40's again would be nice.
  • Boondocking Power Upgrade - Adding Separate 500W Solar Ground Panel Array
    Great work, although I would guess beyond ability and perhaps financial wither all for the common RV'er.
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    Great pictures from everyone!

    All the more reason with Covid-19 coming under control with the vaccination program, to get out on the road and see this amazing country we are fortunate enough to live in.
  • 12 Volt Refrigerators
    Nice install, looks as good as the factory.
  • Water Heater
    Well, I'm back home after a great trip.

    I was able to fix my water heater while in Raliegh for a week by having the parts shipped to my brother's house from Amazon.

    I changed the ECO, T-Stat, and Thermo-fuse and the unit fired right up. I did order a new circuit board also in case that was the issue, but everything worked great with the above replacements. Today I sent it back to Amazon for a full refund.

    Thanks to all who gave tips to try to help me out. I posted this question on two other forums and after almost 200 views not a single person replied.

    Kudos' to Love Your RV!
  • Water Heater
    Thanks again, Ray. I was able to download Atwood's manuals while taking advantage of our friend's WiFi. From my first view it seemed to say "If this doesn't fix the problem, then try this" type approach.

    If I had a muti-meter, and knew how to understand one if I did have one, maybe it would make a difference. So, since I have already had the replacement parts delivered to my next stop in Raliegh, I'm gonna replace the Electronic Cut Off and T-Stat first to see if that's the problem. If that doesn't work, I'm on to the circuit board.

    I'll post when I hopefully resolve the problem and what was the fix.
  • Water Heater
    Hi Ray, oops, forgot to add that it is an Atwood GC10-4E.

    Got a break with getting good WiFi at a friend's house in Charlotte which is allowing me more freedom to reach out to the forum, and check out Atwood tanks.
  • Best RV GPS?
    Lisa, I too use the Garmin 660. Just a few weeks back I updated my unit through Garmin Express. I had to add a Micro Memory Card as suggested by Garmin to handle all of the updates. The memory storage on the 660 could not hold all of the updates.

    I feel my 660 has as much information and mapping abilities now as buying a newer unit, save for what you mentioned the smaller screen. I will know more and how well it functions after my upcoming 5 week trip to Key West and points south. I have the whole trip up to this point loaded up into the Garmin.

    Now, if it would just stop snowing.........
  • Best RV GPS?
    Hey Willie, thanks for the heads up on Avenza maps. I have added it to my phone, I like the idea that you can access downloaded maps off line.
  • Visits to Everglades NP and Florida Keys 2011
    With my forthcoming trip to the Florida Keys and other points in Florida, I have been watching a bunch of YouTube videos with a notepad by my side to take notes on points of interest. I have been following "Traveling Rober" who has several videos on many places in Florida, with him being from Miami. He has good photography and does a nice travelogue of each place visited giving an honest opinion on likes and dislikes, prices of campgrounds and opinions, and places worthwhile to see in each area he's visiting.

    Key West itself my wife and I are pretty familiar with visiting numerous times when my brother owned the somewhat famous Artist House on Eaton Street. We have noticed though from some of the videos the name changes of some of our favorite places to visit in Key West such as "Kelly's" which now a brew pub.
  • Best RV GPS?
    I'm still using the older Garmin RV660 which is only different I believe from the 760 is the 6-inch screen.

    A couple of weeks ago I updated the maps and software and I was shocked that it took over an hour, and I was prompted to insert a MicroSD card because the internal drive did not have the storage capacity for all of the changes.

    I guess Garmin is about the best out there still and as much as electronic technologies change so rapidly, it doesn't seem so with GPS'.

    I also have an older Magellan RV9145 that has always served me well with directions and routes but because the touch screen interface is early addition of touch screens it is slow and clunky to load trips into, that is why I bought the Garmin plus the ridiculously cheap price on Amazon.

    I have a trip coming up towards the end of February from WNY State to Key West and I will be taking both GPS' with me.