• New RV Gas Stove Installation & Review
    3/16th. Good to know. And great suggestion using end length of old pipe line to practice.
    Did you flare tubing end before or after oven install into counter cutout?
  • New RV Gas Stove Installation & Review
    Thanks Ray.
    Just watching both videos. You do nice work!

    Quick question #1: how much cooper pipe length extention, out of that pipe flaring tool, did you finally settle in on for making the flare on gas pipe connection?

    Question #2: Also, did/are you going to do a video on your reorganization of wiring under the stove?

    Al Figone
  • Furrion Chill 14.5k BTU AC Installation - Replacing Old Coleman Mach 3
    That is for detail photos up inside. When you resealed with aluminum tape did you need to use a cleaner to remove old tape/adhesive?
  • Resealing the Rear Corner Bead or the Trailer
    Great job Ray! I've always wondered what's behind the outer shell. I'm going examine my rear wall. Bet I have similar issue. Thanks!
  • 10 Years Fulltime!
    Congradulations to both you and Ann on this milestone. That's been one heck of a 1-year trip you've taken. I want to thank you for the many leasons I've learned from you that gave me much confidence to try myself. Not sure I could have attemped w/o your guifance.
  • Hauling a camper on bad roads?
    Hi Terri and Mac,
    My wife and I have had Cabover Campers for over 20 years. We like them so we can pull our boat which is big plus for us over other types of rigs. My first question to you is..does your 2500 have air shocks? Easy to install and tremendous help with stabilization of camper load on truck chassis. We added them several years ago and it made life on the road sooo much nicer. Eliminates a huge amount of camper sway. And with regards to rough roads, well you do have to slow down but the air shocks absorb so much of the road that you and your camper will survive nicely. I take my camper hunting and fishing and often drive down dried up riverbeds (my wife knows about that but let's me go so long as I bring back meat or fish) to get to my favorite campsite. Been doing it for years. So add some air shocks and then hit the road.
  • Cellular internet service, what do you use?
    Old get what you pay for..we know several people that use ATT but complain about coverage and customer service being weak at times. We have been using Verizon for many years now. Absolutely, hands down, rock-solid coverage and service from start. My advice is spend little more and go with the best provider.
  • Powered septic vent
    I changed all 4 of my vents to the 360 Siphons and the odor issue went away. We live in Central valley and temperatures have been 97-100 for a couple weeks now. No odor.
  • Aftermarket Power Lumbar Install
    What are your thoughts on the Dutchman Denali 262RLX 5th wheel? We are looking at a used 2016? Appears to be in good condition. Any suggestions on things I should check?
  • Aftermarket Power Lumbar Install
    Happy wife!
    Happy life!
    Nice job Ray!
  • Finding a place to park
    Hi Folks. Reason National parks closing down is because it takes workers to man/woman the parks. Because we're trying to stop the spread on Covid-19 and that means and park workers, don't need to be moving around exposing, and getting exposed, to any potential bugs. Park workers are not trained on how to service us and, at same time, protect themselves and we need to assume responsibility for following guidelines on how to protect ourselves. So, right now, the parks are closed.
  • Solar Installation
    I'd like contact info as well
  • Astoria Column & Fort Stevens State Park, Oregon
    We visited the Astoria area a few years ago. Enchanting. Our kids, of course now adults, always loved watching the movie"the Goonies" and much of it was filmed there in Astoria. Great Maritime Museum as well. And if you like salmon and crab you can eat till your full.
  • Is anyone using the weBoost Connect RV 65?
    Check out TechnoRV 4G-X-RV kit. Works really good to boost any cell signal. Can be temporary or permanent attached.
    Of course, if there isn't a cell signal then even this kit wont help.