• fifth wheel landing legs
    Thanks, that's exactly what we needed to know
  • Bedroom window
    awesome, thank you so much!
  • bedside wardrobe mod
    Thanks Bob and Pam....good information! Never would have thought of the cold air thing!
  • Landing Jack Leg opening
    Thanks Ray; actually we had watched both those videos previously which is what started us wondering if water gets into the basement through the openings on the landing jacks, but thanks to your previous comment about yours staying dry, we feel confident that we can go ahead and plan on putting our batteries etc. in that area. And if we do notice some moisture, we will try Ricks idea. thanks for the help.
  • Landing Jack Leg opening
    oh interesting Rick, but wouldn't the foam impede the legs going up and down? unless the part that goes into the bay does not move (we have not picked our fifth wheel up yet so we are still newbys on the fifth wheel as we had a trailer previously)
  • Landing Jack Leg opening
    Thanks Ray, that's good to know, won't have to worry about it now.
  • 2012 Cougar bulbs
    Thanks Ray, will check out that link
  • Hello from the Prairies
    Thanks for the warm welcome! everyone. Pam it sounds like you have done a lot to make your Eagle a home. we look forward to doing the same. We have the same wish of changing carpet and flooring but also share your trepidation on that.
  • vaccine QR code
    Thanks for adding the info, its very helpful,
  • vaccine QR code
    I found this website, scrolled down to the list of states and clicked on North and South Dakota which told me that they are both listed as being vaccine banned which means they do not require vaccine passports to go into any buildings.
  • vaccine QR code
    Thanks Ray, I think you are right about the variation from state to state, we will have to do some more checking for sure.
  • Long time lurker
    Love your name "were off our rockers" very creative :razz:
  • 2 Simple Boondocking Water Tips
    Thanks for posting this video, we were interested in trying this and were very happy with it as well. saved a lot of work!
  • measurements
    hmmm yeah good to know thanks for the info
  • measurements
    Thanks Ray, that is a narrow door!