• Problems with Renogy 20amp DC-DC Charger.
    Fixed. Yep, wrong bus. Thanks again
  • Problems with Renogy 20amp DC-DC Charger.
    One question Craig if you are still monitoring, Why isn't the fuse panel ground the same ground as my battery ? I have the DC-DC hooked up to the battery pos and neg, and my D+ switch connected to one of the open fuse panel slots that runs from ignition. The fuse panel has a grounding bar, so I ran a switch as suggested with the neg to the fuse neg bar. If I run the D+ switch neg right to the battery no problem, but if I run to the fuse panel ground no bueno. Thoughts?
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    You can use the same controller no problem since you are in series - your amps are the same, but voltage goes up. So you simply add the third panel in series with the other two, see this diagram from renogy

    If you are asking can you use this third panel only on occasion and not as part of your permanent set up, then you'd need connect reconnect in series every time you swapped in and out- something that I would not recommend as the likelihood of connecting them wrong at least once over time would be high. If there's a simpler way, I dont know it though.
  • Problems with Renogy 20amp DC-DC Charger.
    Craig you are the Man! I would have spent forever trying to figure it out. I had similar issue as above and found your post and joined the forum because of it. Shared neg ground solved it for me. Thanks!