• 30 ampsurge protector
    Frank your 50 to 30 amp adaptor only gives you on leg of the 50amp plug giving you only what you would have on a 30 amp plug. shouldn't be a problem with your surge protector.
  • Dog owners beware
    Glad to hear
  • Cordless Drill Recommendation
    I use dewalt and have had good luck with them over the years. I would stick with dewalt, makkita or Ryobi. I dont think you would go wrong with any of these. I would also make sure you buy an extra battery so while using one, the other can be charging.
  • Recall on Sailun tires
    The tires are also made out of Vietnam not ones made in china .
  • Battery shut off
    I would leave it on otherwise your batteries will not charge. The only time i would shut it off old be if its in storage.
  • Ray!!!!
    I have the same tires as Ray, put over 7000 miles on them this past summer. I have the same experience with them as Ray. So far I would buy them again.
  • Wheel Bearings
    I repack mine every year, by doing this you can inspect your brakes and bearing. By using easylube you cant tell how your brakes are doing or if the bearing are worn and need replacing. Me personally I don't use easylube don't want to take chance of blowing out the seals. even though they seem pretty snug the pressure from grease gun still could blow them out. If you do use the easylube just be careful.
    I also use Lucas Red N Tacky grease NLGI #2 seems to work fine for me.
  • Finally Headed South Again Fall 2021
    Welcome back Ray and Anne enjoy your time south this year. Will be heading down after 1st of the year
  • Roof Repair/Reseal
    I would get some dicor clean those area and fill those cracks before you get leaks in your roof. You don’t want that roof to leak or your going to have a bigger problem. I would get it done asap even if you have to do it again spring.
  • Soggy Campground Walkabout & Great News! Our 2021/22 Snowbird Trip is a Go!
    Glad to hear you can make your trip south again. Will be heading down after the 1st of the year. Safe travels when you finally leave!!!!
  • Help! Lippert jacks will not manually raise
    Sorry I didn’t respond earlier I’ve been off here a few days. Did you make sure your batteries are charged ? A weak battery may do this, also with it being cold your jacks will move slower. Did you call Lippert customer service? I would call them directly not on line and talk to a real person.
  • E Z Lube Hubs
    I would not use easy lube, repack bearings by hand. Too many people blow the seals out by pumping grease in. In my opinion they should never put easy lube on these heavy trailers. Every RV forums I’ve been on most say not to use it. I’ll check and repack my bearings every year. So it’s up to you, not saying it won’t work for you but I choose to do it the old fashion way.
  • 10 Years Fulltime!
    Congrats to you both here's to the next 10 years and beyond !!!
  • Trailer TPMS
    That’s normal. You will find that when it’s warmer they will increase a little more than that. It’s nothing to worry about that’s why you set the alarms on your TPMS. Your tires are made to expand and take the temp increases. If the alarms go off then I would be concerned.
  • Battery monitor
    I bought an aili never worked right finally bought an Victron 712 been flawless don’t waste your money on the cheaper one you will regret it. Also with victron you can integrate it with your solar down the road
  • RV Winter Skirting - Propane Safety?
    Hey Ray I ran across this product thought it would peak your interest it’s called air skirts for RV they are definitely pricey
  • Nature's Beauty Thread - Post Your Pictures
    At least he headed to the neighbors......LOL
  • Happy New Year!
    Happy New Years to all ! Here’s to a better 2021
  • LCI Solera Awning Light Install + Extra Power Switch Mod
    Good upgrade, ours came with it, we love the amount of light it put under your awning. Enjoy your upgrade Ray!
  • Pacific Northwest Raptors
    Those are cool shots