• Shower skylight shade
    That's a great idea Ray! Thanks!!
  • Doing the thermostat least trying...
    Thanks Ray!! I think you know everything!!! :up:
  • Doing the thermostat least trying...
    Thanks Ray! This confirms the info from your first link. I feel more confident redoing the new thermostat install!!!

    I am still a little concerned that the AC didn't start when I connected the green and yellow wires though. Is there possibly another fuse to check other than the breaker? Or am I wrong in thinking that the compressor would start up immediately if I connected the wires?

    Thanks again!!
  • Doing the thermostat least trying...
    Oh, forgot to mention that the I checked the AC breaker and it looks good. Also, I am on shore power.
  • Doing the thermostat least trying...
    Ray, that is awesome!!! Yes it is a Duo-Therm by Dometic. I should have included that. That certainly answers the big question!! I really don't understand it, but it seems the green wire is the hot one! Not sure why it was plugged into the GRD on the original thermostat. :chin:

    Starting over, I unwired everything and just tried the green wire with each of the others. The white wire started the heater as expected. The yellow wire (ac) did nothing...strange. Shouldn't this start the AC?

    I didn't put the green to the red...I feared fire or something...

    Afterwards, I thought that I would go way back and just reinstall the orig thermostat, to make sure that I didn't ruin anything. Everything seems to work fine including the low and high fan. I cannot test the AC because it is too cold in my shop for it to kick on.

    Anyway...I am stumped. I'd greatly appreciate any other thoughts/suggestions.

    Thanks again for the link!!!