• Interesting Landscapes & Shorebirds – Windy Day on the Salton Sea
    Hi Ray. My wife and I saw you at Salt Creek on Saturday. We would have stopped to say hi but you looked like you were busy with a project spread out at your picnic table. Do you prefer Salt Creek over Corvina Beach? I assume you might since you have posted several stories from there. We were taking a quick tour of the various campgrounds to see where we would prefer to bring our trailer. We both preferred the primitive campgrounds over the developed ones even though those have hookups. Are Salt Creek and Corvina Beach both first come-first served or can you reserve a spot?

    Chris McDonald
  • What Spare Parts Do You Carry
    Thanks everyone. Good comments and suggestions all around.
  • 10 Years Fulltime!
    Congratulations and thanks for all the info and help along the way.
  • Trim Material Recommendation
    Thanks Ray. I will see if that will work for my situation.
  • Snow Chains on Trailers???
    Thanks everyone. I have put on chains more times than I care to remember. I also agree and recommend that folks do "test installs" to make sure everything is in good condition and you remember how to install them. It always amazed me that the same chains that fit so well in my driveway suddenly seemed 2 sizes too small on the side of the road. Having freezing hands will do that. It makes perfect sense to have chains/socks on the trailer tires to prevent sliding but I think I may opt for just staying put someplace comfortable if at all possible.
  • Roof A/C works but smells like chemicals inside
    What is the "spray stuff" you used?
  • LYRV Giveaway - Used Winegard ConnecT 2
    Very generous Ray. Do we need to do anything to enter the drawing?
  • Difficulty filling water tank
    To check that would you need to remove the 3 screws and pull the filler out to check for a kink/plug?
  • Difficulty filling water tank
    Wayne - I have the same attachment and it doesn't help. Unless I hold the end of the hose up against the fill tube, water still comes out. I assumed that getting a tube down the "throat" of the fill would help but it doesn't help at all. I will try opening a faucet or two when I fill in a few days and see if that helps.
  • Difficulty filling water tank
    Thanks guys. I will give that a try.
  • Roadside Assistance
    We have a 30' travel trailer and use AAA for roadside assistance. Keep in mind, its not just your trailer but your tow vehicle that needs coverage. We lost the water pump on our truck and had to be towed hoe. Unfortunately, our roadside assistance program at the time did not include RV towing. We ended up spending $300 for that one tow.
  • Big Bear
    How many sites are there? I know most of the Yellow Post areas only have a few sites. Do they all have good access for larger trailers (ours is 30 feet)? We are staying at Heart Bar in a couple of weeks.
  • Noisy Weather Station Teardown
    Do you leave the stations up during travel or do you take them down?